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15 Best Vegan Restaurants In Lisbon Portugal

There are so many all vegan restaurants in Lisbon, being vegan in Lisbon is like being in vegan food heaven. You can find fully vegan restaurants with traditional Portuguese dishes, international cuisines, vegan sushi and even all-vegan dessert places.

Since there are so many all-vegan restaurants, I didn’t go to any vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon or vegan options places. I just love to support vegan businesses and I love eating in a place, where I can order anything from the menu I want.

In this post, I’ll talk about the restaurants we visited, how I liked the food and at the end I’ll give you a few of my favourite restaurants. But remember, taste is very subjective, so my favourites might not be yours.

Best vegan restaurants in Lisbon 

Lisbon boasts many delightful vegan restaurants, with Happy Cow listing 42 options! This establishes Lisbon as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe.

Kong – Food Made With Compassion

A plate with vegan fish, rice and salad, next to it is another plate with a sandwich and fries; at Kong, one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Lisbon Portugal
Traditional Portuguese food: Fish with rice and salad, and a Francesinha in the back

Kong is one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Lisbon Portugal. The décor is kept in a natural style, there are plenty of tables, so you usually don’t need to book in advance and they have traditional Portuguese cuisine. 

I always love trying traditional food from wherever I go but most vegan restaurants focus more on international dishes. 

I had vegan fish with rice and salad, and my boyfriend had a Francesinha. Francesinha is a traditional Portuguese dish from the North of the country. It’s a sandwich with cheese and tomato sauce on top. We first had it in one of the vegan restaurants in Porto

A snickers cake in a vegan restaurant in Lisbon
So delicious!

Don’t miss out on having a dessert when you’re at Kong. The snickers cake was absolutely delicious. It tasted just like a snickers, only not as chewy. 

Plant Base

Tina sitting on a small table with vegan nachos on it in a bowl, in the back is a green wall with Plant Base written on it
We shared a plate of nachos as a starter

Plant Base is another amazing vegan restaurant in Lisbon. They have burgers, pizzas, tacos and a few other things. 

We had some nachos as a starter. They were a little bit spicy for me, but that might not be saying much because I’m overly sensitive to spicy food. I would have wished they came with guacamole and sour cream but otherwise, they were very good. 

In general, we didn’t see nachos very often on the menu, not like in the vegan restaurants in Barcelona. There, so many places offer nachos, which I love.

A plate with vegan fish'n'chips and a vegan pizza
The vegan fish’n chips were so good!

Then we had a vegan pizza and fish’n chips. The pizza was good but my favourite was the fish’n chips. The vegan fish tasted just like fish fingers, the mashed peas tasted very fresh and the fries were good as well. 

Legumi Sushi Vegan

A wooden boat filled with sushi, some of the delicious vegan food in Lisbon
Sorry, for the bad picture, I promise it looked great in real life

The perfect place for vegan sushi in Lisbon is Legumi Sushi Vegan. It’s a very small, cozy restaurant. You should definitely reserve a table if you want to go there for dinner. We showed up without a reservation and had to wait about an hour for a table.

They have different kinds of sushi and other Japanese dishes. But even before actually going there I already knew what I would get: the big sushi boat. 

It’s a wide selection of their sushi served on a big wooden boat. 

The sushi was good but to be completely honest, not as good as the amazing vegan sushi I had in Barcelona

Ao 26 Vegan Food Project

A vegan cheese plate, next to it, is a bowl with fries, a bowl with bread and a plate with a vegan steak
Ao26 felt very fancy

Ao 26 Vegan Food Project was by far the fanciest place we went to for vegan food in Lisbon. 

The restaurant is located at a lower level courtyard. I don’t know how exactly it works but we entered a building, walked down two sets of stairs and came out in a courtyard. 

The restaurant has an elegant feeling to it but you don’t need to dress fancy for it. 

I was a bit surprised by the prices of the starters, they were all more expensive than the mains.

We had the cheese plate as a starter (for €20!). The different kinds of vegan cheese were so good but the gluten-free bread that came with the cheese was not. The bread was weirdly sweet and didn’t really go with the cheese. I would have preferred a plain baguette with it. 

As a main course, we had the vegan steak. The taste was really good, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the texture but my boyfriend liked it. 

As dessert we had a Portuguese coffee cake which was both delicious and pretty. 

The Food Temple

2 glasses, a bowl with bread, a bowl with olives and a bowl with tomato sauce
I recommend getting a few small plates as a starter

The Food Temple is a great vegan restaurant in the Portuguese capital for some delicious food with a unique outdoor seating area. In front of the restaurant are steps and in nice weather, you can just sit on the steps and get a drink and a snack.

Since it rained when we visited, we sat inside. Inside you can see into the kitchen, so you see how the food is prepared.

I really liked the vegan tapas, I recommend sharing some as a starter. We had olives, bread and Shakshouka.

A pile of potato-beetroot salad with a fried mushroom on top
The most unique mushroom dish I’ve ever had

The main options are very limited but my main dish was delicious. It was a potato and beetroot salad with fried mushrooms on top. It was such a great combination of fresh and deep-fried.

The Food Temple is a great option if you’re not in a rush since the service wasn’t the fastest. And I can imagine it being a great place for sitting outside if you’re just in the mood for some drinks and tapas.

Al Sanpietrino Trattoria

Two plates on a table, one one is a plate with a lasagna and another plate with pasta carbonara
Vegan Italian food in Lisbon

Al Sanpietrino Trattoria is the first authentic vegan Italian Trattoria in Portugal. It’s a true hidden gem, we almost didn’t find it at first. We arrived a little bit before the restaurant opened, there were no signs whatsoever and it looked like a residential area.

There are just a handful of tables inside, so I recommend booking a table. It has an authentic Italian flair inside and there’s a black-and-white movie running on a TV in the corner.

Some dishes are always on the menu, like vegan lasagne, while others change depending on popularity and seasonality.

We had lasagne and spaghetti carbonara and even though I’m usually the lasagne person, I liked the spaghetti even more. Next time I would try the gnocchi, they also looked very delicious when we saw them on the next table over.

O Gambuzino

Tina sitting at a table with. two plates of vegan food in front of her, in the back you can see the kitchen
The food looked so picturesque!

O Gambuzino is one of the best vegan places in Lisbon. It has a relaxed atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating and such great food.

In the open kitchen, you can see with how much care and detail they prepare the meals. The food looked like from a star restaurant.

They try to use local ingredients whenever possible for their healthy food and all their dips and pickled vegetables are homemade.

Lisbon Vegan Restaurante

A plate with different dishes on it from a vegan buffet in Lisbon
All you can eat vegan buffet in Lisbon

Lisbon Vegan Restaurante is a great place if you’re looking for a fast and affordable meal. Their lunch buffet is just 7.50€, for dinner the price increases to 8.50€. 

At the buffet they have a soup of the day, a few warm dishes and a salad buffet. I got a mix of everything and it was good but nothing special. So, I don’t think it’s quite worth going out of your way to get there, it’s a convenient option if you’re in the area. 

Vegan Cafés in Lisbon

Veganeats Caffe

Tina with a wine glass full with yoghurt and cereal and a vegan salat with smoked tofu
Prettiest yoghurt bowl!

Veganeats Caffe was the first place we went to for vegan food in Lisbon and we couldn’t have picked a better place. It’s a small vegan café with lovely owners. 

We went there for a late breakfast and had a bread with avocado, a smoked tofu salad, a soy yoghurt with muesli and fruit and a scone. Everything was not just delicious but also lovingly served and super picturesque. 

Everything was really good. I especially recommend the smoked tofu salad, the portion is massive considering the very affordable price of about €6 and I love how they put different kinds of fruit and veggies in the salat. It’s healthy, pretty and delicious, what more do you want for a snack?

We managed to get a table right away when we got there late in the morning but when we left every single table had a reserved sign on it for lunchtime. So, when you go there for lunch you might need to book in advance. 

One thing to note is that they only take cash payments. 

Moko Veggie Café – Anjos

Two chocolate croissants and two drinks on a table at a vegan cafe in Lisbon
Great place if you’re in the mood for a vegan croissant

Moko is an all vegan café in Lisbon serving a range of fresh sweet pastries and savery dishes. They have burgers and a few Asian style dishes, which looked delicious, but we only had something sweet there. 

I’ll be honest with you, the matcha latte wasn’t the best I’ve had but the croissant is well worth a visit. 

The decor of the place is adorable, everything is cat themed, from paintings and stickers on the wall to paw shaped tables. 

Vegan desserts in Lisbon

Vegan Nata Chiado

A vegan pastel de nata on a plate in front of a poster of one
You have to try Pastel de Nata when you’re in Portugal

Vegan Nata Chiado is the best place in Lisbon to try vegan Pastel de Nata. This pastry with vanilla custard filling is a traditional Portuguese dessert and a must-try even if you’re only in Lisbon for one day.

You’ll see the non-vegan versions everywhere, and some might even have vegan options. But Vegan Nata Chiado is the only place where they only sell vegan ones.

There are two small tables outside the vegan cafe but it’s more of a to-go kinda place. Grab one Pastel de Nata or even a box full of them and enjoy it on the go or while sitting down in a park or on a bench in a square.

Scoop n Dough

Different doughnuts on display on a counter
The earlier you get here, the more options you have

As the name indicates Scoop n Dough sells ice cream and doughnuts. They also have macaroons and cookies. It’s one of the best places for desserts in Portugal.

Everything is completely vegan but they don’t really advertise it, so loads of non-vegans have their delicious treats and don’t even know that they had something vegan. 

To get the biggest selection of doughnuts you should get there before 3pm. We went there one time in the evening and they only had plane doughnuts and apple crumble doughnuts left. 

It’s not the cheapest dessert place but everything is so delicious, it’s definitely worth going there to satisfy your sugar cravings. 

A hand holding a doughnut with jam filling and panna cotta on top
Such amazing vegan doughnuts, this one was blueberry and panna cotta

Scoop n Dough doesn’t just have a location in Lisbon but also one in Cascais. So, if you do a day trip from Lisbon to Cascais you can also get your delicious doughnuts in Cascais.

Walking through the charming old town with a doughnut in hand is one of the great things to do in Cascais.

Best vegan brunch in Lisbon

Orteá Vegan Collective

A table full of breakfast food; best vegan breakfast in Lisbon
That’s all part of the one-person brunch option!

My vegan brunch at Orteá Vegan Collective was so amazing that I decided to make a special brunch category. It cost €24, so it’s not the cheapest, but there’s so much included. Me and my partner ate brunch for 1 person and one other small thing from the menu and we were full.

The brunch comes with a kombucha sampling board, which was amazing, a hot drink, eggs Benedict, a cake, pancakes, bread rolls, yoghurt bowl and more.

Everything was super delicious, except maybe the cake. It was a bit too rich and heavy for me. But maybe I just picked the wrong one, you can pick the cake yourself.

So yeah, I highly recommend going to Orteá for brunch, but they also serve different vegan dishes all day long.

After having such a delicious and filling brunch you can head out to one of the amazing day trips Lisbon has to offer.

Best vegan shop in Lisbon

Green Beans

A shop from the the inside with shelves and a table on display
Vegan shop with café

Green Beans is a vegan supermarket in Lisbon. It’s a nice place to do some shopping or to stop by their café for a snack.

They sell almost everything, hygiene products, clothes and shoes, a lot of food products from kitchen staples to unique vegan finds, kitchen utensils and they have a small café attached.

Everything in the shop is vegan and they have many organic products. It’s a great place if you want to do some shopping and you want to make sure you don’t accidentally get anything with animal products since you don’t speak Portuguese.

Vegan burger in Lisbon

Ameaça Vegetal

A vegan fast-food burger and fries
In my opinion, it’s not an all-vegan restaurant

According to their Instagram Ameaça Vegetal is an all vegan burger place in Lisbon. Well… their menu is all vegan but they share the kitchen with a non-vegan Mexican restaurant. 

I don’t know about you, but I always feel tricked when I expect to go to a vegan restaurant and then the kitchen isn’t all vegan. It’s just not what I signed up for, you know?

Besides that I don’t think the restaurant should be labelled all-vegan, the burgers were alright. They are exactly what you expect from a vegan junk food. 

You get a free bowl of nachos as a starter with a green salsa. It’s a very niche gesture even though the sauce was too spicy for me. 

For our french fries we got one red salsa with it and one lemon-mint sauce. I really liked the lemon-mint sauce, it was so refreshing and tasty. 

Final thoughts: Vegan food in Lisbon

Now, let’s come to my favorite spots. My favourite Lisbon vegan restaurants are Kong and O Gambuzino. Kong for Portuguese food and O Gambuzino because they put so much detail in their food and it was seriously delicious.

My favourite vegan café is Veganeats Caffe, I love that they have so many delicious and pretty healthy food options for a very reasonable price.

I can’t decide on a favourite dessert place because they’re both just so delicious. It just depends if you’re in the mood for ice cream and doughnuts or for the traditional Portuguese Pastel de Nata.

The longer you stay in Lisbon, the more different vegan places you can check out. So, the amazing vegan restaurants might be a reason to stay longer in Lisbon.

I hope this vegan guide to Lisbon helped you decide where you want to go for dinner after exploring the sights of Lisbon.

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