Vegan restaurants in Barcelona

Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona might just be vegan heaven! It is so easy to be vegan in Barcelona since there are so many vegan restaurants. I spent 4 weeks in Catalan’s capital and got the chance to try out a lot of vegan restaurants in Barcelona. 

Vegan restaurants in Barcelona
Vegan restaurants in Barcelona

Vegan Brunch in Barcelona 

I love going out for brunch, unfortunately, I didn’t do it often enough in Barcelona. Most days we would just have breakfast in our Airbnb apartment but on the weekends we wanted to check out different brunch places. But the first brunch place was so good, we just ended up coming back here every time we went for brunch. 

Cafe Equilibrium

Matcha latte and pancakes with fruit
Matcha latte and pancakes with fruit

Cafe Equilibrium is a very hip brunch spot in Barcelona. It’s very popular so you might want to book a table in advance or be willing to wait for a table. They have everything that’s needed for a perfect vegan brunch. From classic breakfast dishes like vegan omelettes over savoury lunch bowls to sweet desserts like super chocolaty brownies. The only difficulty is deciding what to get. Whatever you decide on ordering consider getting one of their delicious smoothies with it.

Vegan Fast Food in Barcelona 

Fast Food is comfort food and as good as the Spanish kitchen is, sometimes you’re just in the mood for some fast food. Don’t worry, Barcelona got you covered on the vegan fast food front. 

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Junk Food Bar
Best vegan junk food in town

Vegan Junk Food Bar is an international vegan fast food chain, originally from Amsterdam. And there is a reason it’s an international chain, the food is seriously delicious. If you’re in the mood for fast food Vegan Junk Food Bar is the best vegan restaurant in Barcelona. You can choose from different burgers, loaded fries and other fried snacks. My favourite food there was vegan fish and chips.

Besides the food, I love the colourful interior design with the vegan slogans on the walls and the flower decorations on the food.

Vegan Cat Bar

Vegan Cat Bar Barcelona
Vegan fish and chips and burger at Cat Bar

Vegan Cat Bar is one of the best-rated vegan restaurants in Barcelona. So my expectations were very high, maybe too high. It’s definitely a good example that you shouldn’t have too high expectations otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

The atmosphere is like in a pub and to my disappointment, there are no actual cats in the bar. The menu is very small, it just contains a few burgers and the burgers were alright, nothing special though. But again maybe it was just because I was expecting too much.

Amarre 69

Loaded nachos at Amarre 69
My favourite dish at Amarre 69

I’m not quite sure if the categorisation of Amarre 69 as a vegan fast-food restaurant is accurate. The menu has a big fast-food section but it still doesn’t quite feel like a fast-food restaurant. There’s a nice, big outdoor seating area. And even though there’s a lot of fast food, it’s not the typical super greasy fried fast food. They have tacos, quesadillas, hot dogs, wraps and salads. My favourite dish at Amarre 69 was the fully loaded nachos.

It’s a great place to get some vegan food after a day on the beach since it’s the only vegan restaurant in Barcelona next to the beach Barcelonetta.

Vegan Tapas in Barcelona 

In Spain, you have to eat tapas at some point and in Barcelona, it’s really easy to find vegan tapas. The most famous tapas, patatas bravas, are a lot of times vegan by default as it’s just seasoned potato cubes and you can get them almost everywhere but Barcelona also has a few all-vegan tapas restaurants. Many of the vegan tapas restaurants in Barcelona also offer traditional Spanish paella. But if you want to eat paella in the hometown of paella you’ll need to do a day trip from Valencia.

Bubita Sangria Bar

Vegan shrimp cocktail
Vegan shrimp cocktail at Bubita Sangria Bar

Bubita Sangria Bar was the first vegan restaurant in Barcelona we went to since a friend recommended it and we were not disappointed. You can choose from a wide selection of tapas like croquettes, gnocchi or even vegan shrimp cocktail. There are also many mixed plates when you can’t decide between the many options. Even if you’re not in the mood for tapas, you’ll find something at Bubita like paella.

Besides tasty vegan food, Bubita Sangria Bar has a big selection of Sangria to no surprise with that name. And the best part, they have most of their Sangria with or without alcohol. We tasted two of their non-alcoholic sangrias and both looked and tasted amazing.

Vegan Tulsi Restaurant

Tulsi has a very relaxed atmosphere and is one of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona. They offer a wide selection of tapas but you. can also get some burgers, woks and bowls there. During our stay in Barcelona, we went there twice and tried different tapas, a burger and paella and everything was delicious. The only negative point I can think of is that the lighting is really bad outside so I couldn’t get any good pictures of the food.

Chez Kessler

Selection of fancy Tapas at Chez Kessler
Selection of fancy Tapas at Chez Kessler

Chez Kessler is another vegan tapas restaurant in Barcelona. Compared to the other vegan restaurants in Barcelona focusing on tapas Chez Kessler offers more fancy, new interpretations of tapas. The best tapas we had were the vegan carrot salmon with cream cheese filling. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed with the mixed vegan meat board.

Vegan Sushi in Barcelona 

I was so positively surprised by the amazing vegan sushi options in Barcelona that I wrote a separate blog post just about vegan sushi in Barcelona. Check it out to find out more about the following three vegan Japanese restaurants in Barcelona. 

Roots and Rolls

Vegan Sushi Barcelona
Sushi Tasting Plate

Roots and Rolls is definitely the most well-known vegan sushi restaurant in Barcelona and probably even one of the most famous vegan restaurants in Barcelona altogether. It offers so much more than the sushi for which it’s known. But to find out more about Roots and Rolls check out my article about vegan sushi in Barcelona.


Vegan sushi Barcelona Veganashi
Sushi mix at Veganashi

I had the best vegan sushi in Barcelona at Veganashi. They don’t just have amazing vegan sushi but also super delicious vegan sushi desserts with chocolate and banana.

Modoki Funky Rolls

Vegan sushi in Barcelona at Modoki's
What we ate at Modoki

Modoki Funky Rolls is a great place to discover vegan Japanese dishes besides sushi because even though they have sushi as well it cannot compete with the other two vegan restaurants in Barcelona.

It’s the only place I found that sells fresh, handmade mochi. So if you’re into the Japanese dessert Modoki Funky Rolls is the place to go.

Vegan Snacks

There are plenty of vegan restaurants in Barcelona, but a lot of them are only open in the evening. Luckily there are also some great snack places in Barcelona where you can get a vegan snack in the afternoon.

Santa Vegana

Santa Vegana
Sandwich display at Santa Vegana

Santa Vegana is one of two vegan restaurants in Barcelona selling sandwiches and quiches as well as some vegan baked goods. The other one is The Vegan Corner. Both cafes are located in the Gothic Quarter, a neighbourhood which should be on every Barcelona itinerary.

Santa Vegana is located at a square in the middle of the Gothic Quarter, so it’s perfect for having a coffee and a snack there while you can watch the city life around you. It’s also a great place to get a sandwich to go in case you are doing a day trip from Barcelona and want to bring a snack for the journey.

The Vegan Corner

The Vegan Corner offers a very similar selection of food to Santa Vegana. The only thing I noticed The Vegan Corner offers which Santa Vegana does not is freshly squeezed orange juice. Otherwise, they’re very similar, so in case you can’t get a free table at one it’s worth walking to the other one to check if there’s a free table available.

Hanai Vegana

Vegan sweets in Barcelona
Big selection of amazing treats

In Hanai Vegana you can get the most amazing vegan chocolate treats. If you’re missing non-vegan chocolate bars like Snickers you have to go there. They have such a big selection of delicious treats. I’m sure they have the right thing for everyone who likes chocolate and who doesn’t right? Just make sure to get there early enough because the shop closes when they’re sold out.

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