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Hi! I’m Tina, a vegan with wanderlust and a minimalist traveler.

I started this blog in 2022 so I can share my experiences and hopefully help others with their travels. So far I’ve been to 31 countries on 5 continents. Unfortunately, many of those were before my blogging days!

Wherever I go and no matter how long for, I always travel with just a small backpack (the same bag I’ve had since school).

Travelling itself, and especially travelling as a vegan, has never been easier. Join me on my journey as I discover more places in the world and try out loads of vegan food 🙂

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Are you sick of lugging around bulky luggage while travelling?

Try travelling with just one small bag. It’s easier than it sounds and it makes travelling so much easier.

I created a Minimalist Packing Checklist for every season to help you get started.

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