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Hi! I’m Tina, a vegan with wanderlust and a minimalist traveler.

I started this blog in 2022 so I can share my experiences and hopefully help others with their travels. So far I’ve been to 31 countries on 5 continents. Unfortunately, many of those were before my blogging days!

Wherever I go and no matter how long for, I always travel with just a small backpack (the same bag I’ve had since school).

Travelling itself, and especially travelling as a vegan, has never been easier. Join me on my journey as I discover more places in the world and try out loads of vegan food 🙂

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Are you sick of lugging around bulky luggage while travelling?

Try travelling with just one small bag. It’s easier than it sounds and it makes travelling so much easier.

I created a Minimalist Packing Checklist for every season to help you get started.

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flowers in front of a Belgrade fortress wall

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Belgrade, or Beograd as it’s also called, used to be the capital of Yugoslavia. Now it’s the capital city of Serbia. It’s also the country’s largest city. Many people online say it’s one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. In 2023 I visited Serbia’s capital and asked myself: Is Belgrade worth visiting?

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