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3 Amazing Vegan Sushi Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is absolutely amazing for vegan food! There are so many vegan restaurants in Barcelona of various cuisines. Japanese food was the cuisine I enjoyed the most (besides the local food, of course 😉 ). So if you love vegan sushi Barcelona should be on your cities-to-visit list. We tried three different all-vegan sushi restaurants in Barcelona and here you can find my review.

Roots and Rolls 

Roots and Rolls seems to be the most recommended vegan sushi Barcelona has to offer. There are just a few small tables outside, but the inside is quite big. On the way to the back of the restaurant, you walk past some modern paintings, next to them are some more secluded tables (some of them heart-shaped). The back is a big spacious room with different-sized tables. The decor is minimalist chic in earthy tones. It’s perfect to go to when you’re with a group of people since they have the space and they also have other options besides sushi in case one of your group doesn’t fancy it.

We dined there twice and this is what we had:

Edamame: Usually edamame just comes with salt, at least in my experience. These come with “sweet dashi soy sauce”, which has a rich umami flavour with a hint of sweetness. The edamame itself tasted very fresh and I loved the sauce on them. So much better with sauce than just with salt.
Price: €4.90

Cauliflower popcorn: This battered cauliflower is actually the size of popcorn! It comes with the orange sriracha sauce (which is still too spicy for me) and alioli (which just tasted like vegan mayo). Just like real popcorn, the cauliflower popcorn was quite salty and even a little bit crunchy. It was a bit too salty and dry for my taste since I didn’t like the dipping sauces that much. I think I would have loved this dish with the sweet dashi soy sauce on top of the edamame.

Price: €5.90

Gyozas: What to say about the gyozas? They were very good, but gyozas are always good. Aren’t they? Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever had bad gyozas.

Price €5.90

Sushi Tasting: Obviously we had to try the sushi at Roots and Rolls, as that’s what they’re known for, after all. We couldn’t decide which one to get, so we went with the Sushi Tasting plate for two. It consists of 24 sushi pieces, which include 5 different kinds. The mixed Sushi Tasting plate is very pleasing to the eyes and adds new flavours to sushi, like jackfruit or peanuts. I really liked that we had different versions to try, I couldn’t have decided on just one flavour. 

Price: €39

Cheesecake: The cheesecake was nice but, to be honest, it wasn’t the best vegan cheesecake I’ve had. It looked really pretty though.

Price: €6.50


Veganashi already has two locations in Barcelona. We only went to the one in C/ de Lleida 33, which only opened in 2022, as it was near our apartment. It’s a small, cosy place close to the Montjuïs Magic Fountains. And, by the way, if you’re in the area, you should definitely check out the light show at the fountain. The light show can’t be missed from an itinerary for a perfect day in Barcelona. It’s like Barcelona’s own Bellagio! But anyway, back to Veganashi! The interior looks a bit more playful with the colours and decoration. 

I love that they only use wholegrain rice, it’s healthier and black rice and red rice are pretty as well. Since we went there right after their opening, they didn’t have a physical English menu yet (they showed us a digital draft though). So I’m gonna tell you the Spanish names of the dishes we had:

Súper Combo Degustación: A maki, sushi, nigiris mix with 32 pieces. I loved the different flavours! You get some classics, like avocado, but also their unique creations like dried tomato, cream cheese, or banana. Before coming to Veganashi I never really thought of combining sushi or rice with sun-dried tomatoes. I only used them for Italian-inspired dishes, but the combination is really delicious. 
Price: €36

Bikinashi: This is a sushi sandwich with red rice, which made it look very pretty. Towards the end of eating the sandwich though, it became quite difficult to eat since everything kinda fell apart. But the taste was very much on point.
Price: €11

Sushirito: Combination of sushi and burrito… what more do you want? I think the Sushirito and the Bikinashi tasted quite similar, the Sushirito tasted more like seaweed. They were both still very delicious.
Price: €10

Mini Platacao: First time eating sweet sushi for dessert… I like it. Rice with banana and chocolate is a great light dessert which is not too heavy.
Price: €6

We had two other desserts as well, which were a recommendation from the waitress. I couldn’t find them on the menu though, so I don’t know their exact names. The Lemon Mousse was very lemony and the chocolate bar was very chocolatey ;). Joking aside, they were both very good. Even more so considering they were sugar-free desserts, but I preferred the sweet sushi.

Modoki Funky Roll

Even though Modoki Funky Roll has “roll” in its name, which kinda hints at sushi rolls, I think the highlight of the menu was their Japanese street food and desserts. The sushi itself can’t compete with Roots and Rolls or Veganashi, but it has such a cool atmosphere with its Japanese-inspired decor. And they have the cutest chopsticks ever!

Miso Soup: The miso soup was nice, but nothing special, to be honest.
Price: €3.90

Modoki Watermelon “Tuna” Sushi: Maybe if I hadn’t had Roots and Rolls or Veganshi’s sushi before, I would’ve enjoyed this sushi more. But like I said, I think it’s a different league entirely. It was just a bit ordinary compared to the other sushi I had in Barcelona.
Price: €6.50

Yakitori Karaage: I didn’t know you’d be able to find a potato salad on a Japanese street food menu. It was very good, especially in combination with the skewers. The skewers on their own were a bit too intense in flavour for me, but with the potato salad together it was delicious.
Price: €6.50

Inaris: The inari was very nice as a side dish. You could taste a nice hint of sweetness.
Price: €5.70

Mochi: Modoki’s is the only place of these three vegan sushi restaurants in Barcelona which has mochi. Mochi is a traditional Japanese, stuffed rice, gluten-free cake dessert. They have different filling options, we went for matcha. If you’ve never tried mochi before, you definitely should! They’re just so fluffy, soft, and chewy at the same time. And I really liked the matcha filling.
Price: €4.00

Dorayaki: The pancakes come with different filling options too, we went for the chocolate-filled ones. They could have been a bit fluffier, in my opinion, but my boyfriend quite liked them. Maybe it’s just because I liked the mochi more and I don’t get a chance to have them that often.
Price: €4.50

Vegan Sushi Barcelona

We enjoyed our meals in all three restaurants. As I said if you love vegan sushi Barcelona is the place to be. They all have different strong suits. 

I recommend Roots and Rolls when you want a bigger selection of food, but you can’t go wrong with their sushi either. It’s a great place if you’re going with more friends.

I had my favourite vegan sushi in Barcelona at Veganashi. I think the value for money is extremely good with their big sushi plate. It’s also the only place that has sweet sushi if you’d like to try that. The restaurant in C/ de Lleida 33 is a bit small, but we managed to get a walk-in table twice, with no problems.

Modoki should be your place to go if you want to try out some Japanese street food. For a small place, the restaurant itself was so cool and, well… funky! It had a nice little charm to it, and those chopsticks were just too cute! Just don’t forget to try the mochi.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of those vegan sushi Barcelona restaurants.

vegan sushi Barcelona


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