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Epic Two Days In Lisbon: Ultimate Itinerary

Ready to get lost in the charming streets of Lisbon? This epic itinerary for two days in Lisbon will make you fall in love with this beautiful city.

From the bustling city center and the small alleys of Alfama on Day 1, to the historic district of Belém and the artsy LX Factory on Day 2, we’re going to explore Lisbon in a way that’s as diverse and enchanting as the city itself.

I’ve been to Lisbon multiple times and during my last week-ling visit I visited many places and created this 2 days in Lisbon itinerary.

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Day 1 of the 2 days Lisbon itinerary

Alfama District

A small street in Alfama Lisbon, the oldest district of Lisbon
Explore the streets of Alfama

Let’s start the first day in Lisbon by exploring Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest district. It’s a picturesque neighborhood that’s a testament to the city’s rich history.

You can wander through narrow, cobbled streets, and marvel at the pastel-colored houses. Keep your eyes open for azulejos, traditional Portuguese tiles, which decorate many facades.

There are numerous viewpoints, or “miradouros”, each offering a unique view of the city. The Castle of São Jorge perched atop the hill is another must-see but more on that later.

Before heading to the top sights in the Alfama district, just make sure to take the time to just wander around the narrow streets and enjoy the beauty of it.

Tip: Wear good shoes! The Alfama district is full of steep hills and the cobbled streets get extremely slippery when wet. I noticed this the hard way, it rained almost every day during my last visit to Lisbon.

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Tina sitting on a wall looking over the Lisbon skyline
Miradouro de Santa Luiza: The best views of the city and Tagus River

There are so many amazing viewpoints in Lisbon. I tried many and have a couple of personal favorites.

My favorite free viewpoint is the Miradouro de Santa Luzia. This terrace offers a breathtaking view of the Tagus River and the rooftops of Alfama, and the great thing is it’s decorated with traditional blue azulejos and surrounded by colorful flowers.

It’s the perfect spot to snap some Instagram-worthy photos in Lisbon. And since it’s a very popular viewpoint you won’t have any trouble finding a photographer.

If you’re okay with paying a small fee, I’d highly recommend heading just a bit outside Alfama to the Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora. Trust me, the panoramic view from the top is worth the few Euros entrance fee. You’ll get a 360-degree view of Lisbon that’s simply unbeatable.

Another great viewpoint is from the next attraction, the São Jorge Castle.

São Jorge Castle

View from the castle walls of Lisbon castle, it's one of the great things you can do when your  two days in Lisbon Portugal
Walk the castle walls

The Castelo de São Jorge is an unmissable landmark on the hilltops of Lisbon. Walking through the castle’s robust walls and ancient ruins, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time.

But the real highlight of the Castle of São Jorge? Its breathtaking panoramic views. From the castle’s towering walls, you can soak in the best views of Lisbon’s terracotta rooftops, the sparkling Tagus River, and the city’s famous landmarks.

Tip: Buy your ticket online to skip the queues at the ticket office. I actually bought my ticket online while I was already in front of the entrance and then I could just walk past the people queuing up.

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Lisbon Cathedral

Lisbon Cathedral from the outside in the Alfama district in Lisbon, it has two towers
It’s not worth paying the entrance ticket in my opinion

Not far from the castle, you’ll stumble upon the Sé de Lisboa, the Lisbon Cathedral, an imposing structure that’s one of the city’s oldest buildings.

While the cathedral is indeed a sight to behold from the outside with its medieval facade, I personally don’t find it worth paying the entrance fee to explore the inside.

If you walk in and veer left past the ticket booths, you’ll find a small fenced-off area where you can catch a glimpse of the church’s main room. It’s a sneak peek that gives you a good sense of the cathedral’s grandeur without needing to buy a ticket.

Street Art

A building with a mural on the facade
My favourite street art piece in Lisbon

As you continue your exploration, you’ll find that Lisbon is a canvas for vibrant and compelling street art. You’ll spot murals and graffiti dotted across the city, each piece narrating a unique story.

My personal favourite is a striking piece on the sall road, R. Josefa de Óbidos. This building is a masterpiece with its facade decorated like azulejos, the traditional Portuguese tiles.

The artist’s incredible detail and creativity echo the cultural significance of azulejos in Portugal, all while adding a contemporary spin. It’s a testament to how Lisbon merges the past and present, traditional and modern, in its urban landscape.

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Arco da Rua Augusta

A big arch next to yellow buildings in Lisbon, in the back you can see a small statue straight behind the arch
Rua Augusta Arch next to the Commerce Square

As you make your way through the bustling city center, you’ll eventually find yourself standing before the grand Arco da Rua Augusta. This triumphal arch, located at the end of the bustling Rua Augusta, serves as a gateway to the city’s main square, the Praça do Comércio.

Rua Augusta and the neighboring streets are the perfect area in case you’re in the mood for some shopping. And every Saturday there’s a crafts market right underneath the arch, at least there was one when I was there.

Praça do Comércio

The sky and the trees reflecting in a puddle on the street in Lisbon

At the heart of Lisbon lies the magnificent Praça do Comércio, an expansive square steeped in history and flanked by stunning yellow buildings.

The square was remoddeled after the devastating earthquake of 1755 and now there’s a statue of King José I in the middle.

But what truly sets Praça do Comércio apart is its prime location right next to the waterfront.

As the day turns into the evening, you can take a leisurely stroll along the river Tagus and look for a nice bar on the waterfront or on the square. There’s nothing quite like savoring a drink, while the sun sets over the shimmering water.

Tip: Did you know the legal drinking age in Portugal is 18 years old?

Day 2 of the 2 days Lisbon itinerary

Belém Tower

A small fortress just off the shoreline in Belem, you can see it if you spend 2 days in Lisbon; how many days in Lisbon?
Belem Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site outside the city centre

Start your second day in Lisbon with a delicious vegan brunch in Lisbon at Orteá Vegan Collective. Afterward head to the Belém Tower, which majestically stands at the mouth of the Tagus River in the Belém district.

The tower is a beautiful example of Manueline-style architecture, with its intricate stonework and maritime motifs, an absolute highlight in Lisbon.

There is a small exhibition inside the tower, but I personally don’t think it’s worth it. The exterior is the best part of the tower.

However, if you’re interested in venturing inside, I strongly advise you to book your tickets online to secure your spot, as they tend to sell out quickly.

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Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

A gothic monastery in Lisbon from the outside
Jerónimos Monastery in Belem

Just a short stroll from the Belém Tower, you’ll find the awe-inspiring Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. This grandiose monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the best places to admire the Portuguese Manueline architecture.

It’s worth going inside the monastery to marvel at the intricate stonework of the cloisters, which are the highlight of the monastery.

Inside, you’ll also find the tombs of notable figures like Vasco da Gama, the first European who reached India by sea.

LX Factory

A building from the outside with street art in pieces on it in the LX Factory Lisbon

The LX Factory is a former industrial complex which got turned into a creative center. It’s a must-visit for lovers of art, design, and culture.

The vibrant streets inside the LX Factory area are lined with eclectic shops, art studios, and trendy eateries, and all are housed in refurbished factory buildings.

Don’t miss out on checking out the bookstore Ler Devagar, it’s one of the coolest bookshops I’ve ever been to. There’s also a small English section in the bookshop, so you can get a souvenir from Portugal there.

The easiest way to get to the LX Factory from Belem is by tram or by bus. If you don’t want to take public transportation, you can also simply call an Uber, they are relatively cheap in the Portuguese capital.

Tip: I recommend grabbing some delicious food at the LX Factory instead of the famous Time Out Market, which is just overcrowded and expensive.

Elevador de Santa Justa

A lift shaft on the outside between two buildings, with a lot of people queuing up in front of it
The Santa Justa Lift in central Lisbon

Once back in the city center of Lisbon, there are a few more great places to visit if you have time for it.

The impressive Elevador de Santa Justa is one of those top attractions because of its unique design. This ironwork elevator, also known as the Carmo Lift, was originally built to connect the lower streets of Baixa with the higher Largo do Carmo.

The neo-gothic style structure stands 45 meters tall and offers an unparalleled view of the city from its viewing platform.

While the Elevador de Santa Justa is great to look at, I personally don’t think it’s worth actually taking the lift due to the long queues. It’s just a short walk to the top anyway.

Carmo Convent

An old church without a roof in Lisbon

Just a short walk from the top of the Elevador de Santa Justa, are the striking ruins of Carmo Convent, or Convento do Carmo.

This gothic church was once the largest in Lisbon, but was largely destroyed in the catastrophic earthquake of 1755 and now stands as a reminder of that fateful day.

The roofless main room is flanked by arches and elegant pillars open to the sky. It creates an eerily beautiful atmosphere, especially at sunset.

There’s also a small archaeological museum inside the church, featuring an assortment of artifacts from different periods and a video about the church.

Livraria Bertrand

An old bookshop from the inside with dark wooden shelves and a lot of books
Livraria Bertrand: 2 Day Itinerary Lisbon Hidden Gem

Finally, before your journey in Lisbon comes to an end, make sure to pay a visit to Livraria Bertrand, recognized by the Guinness World Record as the oldest operating bookstore in the world.

Is 2 days in Lisbon enough?

I think you can do the best things Lisbon has to offer in two days. This two day Lisbon itinerary covers all the main attractions and a few extra tips to give you a great taste of this beautiful city.

However, if you’re still deciding the duration of your stay in Lisbon, consider if you want to do some day trips from Lisbon. You’ll need more time in Lisbon if you want to do at least one day trip.

The most popular day trip from Lisbon is to Sintra, where you can visit the colorful Pena Palace and the stunning garden of Quinta da Regaleira.

Cascais is a great day trip if you’re in the mood for some beach time. However, Cascais has more to offer than just its beautiful beaches.

Therefore, if day trips are on your mind, you might want to extend your stay in Lisbon to fully experience the beauty and diversity of the region. But if you just want to incorporate Lisbon in your 10-day itinerary to Portugal, 2 days is the perfect amount of time.

A vegan pastel de nata on a plate in front of a poster of one
You have to try Pastel de Nata when you’re in Portugal

FAQ about Lisbon Itinerary 2 Days

How many days is ideal to stay in Lisbon?

You can see all the main attractions in Lisbon in two days. However, you can easily spend more days in the city, especially if you want to do a day trip to the surrounding area.

How walkable is Lisbon?

The historic center of Lisbon is very walkable but there are a lot of hills. However, there are some districts, like Belém, with tourist attractions that are too far to walk.

What to do in Lisbon in 48 hours?

In 48 hours in Lisbon, you can explore the walkable city center and Alfama district, visit the oldest operating bookstore, Livraria Bertrand, discover the architectural wonders of Belem and the vibrant energy of the LX Factory, among other things.

Final thoughts: Lisbon in 2 days

To sum it up, 2 days in Lisbon Portugal are enough time to visit the best attractions in the city. From the mesmerizing Alfama district, the heart and soul of Lisbon, to the architectural wonders of Belem, your journey in this city is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

The LX Factory’s vibrant energy and creativity will inspire you, and the panoramic views from the Elevador de Santa Justa will leave you in awe of this city’s beauty.

There’s so much to see, do, and taste in Lisbon, and this itinerary ensures you get a well-rounded experience.

And remember, this is just a glimpse of what Portugal has to offer. If you have extra time, the surrounding regions of Sintra or Cascais are waiting to be explored.

You can also incorporate this Lisbon two-day itinerary into a longer 14-day Spain and Portugal itinerary.

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