Serbia is an underrated destination in Europe with a vibrant nightlife and a long history.

woman in front of Belgrade temple of St. Sava. Is Belgrade worth visiting? Yes if you want to see the countries largest church
Lamppost and post box in front of a square with historic buildings; things to see on a Day Trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad
Novi Sad

Capital: Belgrade

Language: Serbian

Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD)

Useful phrases:
zdravo – hello
hvala vam – thank you
zbogom – good bye

View of Belgrade city
At a glance

My experience in Serbia

Serbia stands out for its unspoiled natural landscapes and rich cultural legacy.

Belgrade, the capital, mesmerizes with its blend of Ottoman relics and modern architecture, offering a lively cultural scene and buzzing nightlife.

Novi Sad, known for its Petrovaradin Fortress and as the host of the EXIT festival, showcases Serbia’s artistic vibrancy and youthful spirit.