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15 Best Souvenirs from Portugal to Remember Your Holiday

Portugal is an amazing holiday destination and one way to remember your beautiful holiday is to bring back nice souvenirs from Portugal.

I spent over a month in Portugal and found some great items that represent the atmosphere of the country.

The best places to buy souvenirs are local shops or markets where local artisans sell their Portugal products. But, of course, there are also plenty of souvenir shops in Portugal where you might be able to find the right Portuguese souvenir for you.

Best Souvenirs from Portugal

I travel as a minimalist, so I try not to buy too many things while travelling. That’s why I asked some other travellers to help me out and recommend their favourite souvenir they bought in Portugal.

1. Azulejos – Portuguese tiles

A close up of traditional Portuguese blue tiles
There are different patterns of traditional azulejos

Portuguese azulejos are a beautiful and unique art form that you’ll stumble upon during your time in Portugal for sure. These glazed ceramic tiles can be found decorating buildings, streets, and even homes throughout the country.

Each region of Portugal has its own style and way of using azulejos, making them a fascinating and varied aspect of Portuguese culture. From intricate designs and geometric patterns to stunning depictions of scenes from history or mythology, these tiles are truly works of art.

I can find the traditional blue tiles all over Portugal, especially in Porto there are many buildings decorated with azulejos.

One of the most unique things I’ve seen with azulejos was on a day trip to Coimbra from Porto. There they have the main sights of the city depicted with blue tiles like in a gallery.

And azulejo tiles also make for great souvenirs from Portugal. You can use them for example as coasters. So, every time you drink a glass of red wine or something else and use the coasters you can think back of your holiday.

2. Book from Livraria Lello in Porto

inside the bookshop Livraria Lello
It can get very crowded in the bookshop

Livraria Lello is one the most beautiful bookstores in the world and visiting the bookshop should be on every Porto itinerary. You have to pay a small entrance fee to enter the bookshop but you get the entrance fee back as a voucher for the store.

So what better way to combine a trip to this stunning bookshop with getting one of the most unique souvenirs, a special Livraria Lello edition of a classic book?

When I visited Porto for a month, I bought The Tale of Peter Rabbit special edition for a friend since her birthday was right after I got back from my holiday and she loves the book.

3. Port wine from Douro Valley

Two glasses of Port Wine
Portuguese wines and port wine from Porto

Portuguese port wine is a delicious and unique type of wine. This sweet and fortified wine is made exclusively in the Douro Valley region of Northern Portugal, using native grapes and a special fortification process that sets it apart from other wines.

With many different styles to choose from, such as tawny, ruby, rosé, and white port, there is a type of port wine to suit every taste and occasion. 

Port wine is a fantastic souvenir to bring back from Portugal for many reasons. Not only is it a delicious and unique wine that you may not find anywhere else in the world, but it also has a rich history and cultural significance in Portugal.

With many different styles and flavours to choose from, you can find a bottle of port wine that perfectly suits your taste and personality.

Plus, bringing back a bottle of port wine is a great way to share a piece of your travels with friends and family back home, or to enjoy a special memory from your trip whenever you open the bottle.

4. Embroidered towels

Recommended by Soumya of Stories by Soumya

A market stall with an old woman selling embroidered towels and tea towels, which make for great souvenirs from Portugal
There’s all different kinds of embroidered tea towels at the markets

If you’re looking to buy some of the best Portugal souvenirs, go for embroidered Portuguese textiles that are absolute must-haves in every contemporary home. 

Portugal has a long history of embroidery with many regions and small towns having developed their own unique styles.

With themes and patterns largely influenced by Portugal’s connections with India and the Arab World, the embroideries of Castelo Branco, the Island of Madeira, and Viana do Castelo, which by the way is a great day trip from Porto, are the most popular ones today. 

It is impossible to leave Portugal without picking a hand-embroidered piece of clothing, tablecloth, bed linen, or bath towel. You’ll find them in all kinds of fabrics – silk, cotton, organza, and linen.

The patterns are colorful and aesthetic with an abundant use of flowers, vines, dots, and hearts. Animals, people, daily objects like flower vases also make appearances. 

The best place to buy Portuguese embroidery is, of course, in the towns of their origin (listed above) that have carefully preserved the tradition over centuries. However, if you cannot make it there, don’t worry. 

You can always get some great choices in the souvenir markets of Lisbon and Porto. Perhaps, the most beautiful place to buy embroidery in Portugal is from the vendors at the Porto Ribeira while watching a colourful sunset and listening to the sounds of the river and street musicians.

And after strolling through the souvenir stalls at the Ribeira you can take a boat tour on the Douro River, one of the best things to do in Porto.

5. Ceramics from Algarve

Recommended by Inês from Randomtrip

House with ceramic mosaic on the walls
A Portuguese pottery factory and shop in the Algarve

If you’re looking for some sunbathing and swimming in the sea in Portugal, you’re probably thinking about the Algarve. The south of Portugal is well known for its coast with all types of beaches, from huge beaches between cliffs to small coves with fine sand and clear water.

There are even some amazing sea caves in the Algarve, the most famous one is Benagil Cave, which you can explore on a kayaking trip.

In addition to its beaches, the Algarve is dotted with villages ideal for strolling after a day of sun and sea with small traditional craft shops, ideal for bringing a souvenir from the trip.

One of the most original and useful is the ceramic from the Algarve. In this region, everything you can imagine is manufactured in a variety of Portuguese ceramics, with different shapes and colors.

You will find different local ceramic objects from 1€ to 100€ in several souvenir stores.

Two of the biggest and most incredible pottery factories and tourist shops are Ceramica Paraíso in Vila do Bispo and Artesanato A Mó in Sagres.

From plates, cups, or bowls for everyday life to decorative objects such as swallows or sardines, it will be a gift that will not go unnoticed and that whenever you look at it it will take you back to those days in the Algarve with a flavour of lightness, salt and sea.

6. Traditional swallows

Recommended by Alya from the Algarve Family

A basket of colourful ceramic swallows, a great souvenir from Portugal
How cute are those swallows?

Traditional ceramic swallows that people use to decorate entrances to their home is a perfect souvenir to bring from Portugal. Swallows or Andarinhas in Portuguese can be of different sizes and colours.

Local people often decorate entrances to their houses with them. Sometimes ceramic swallows are used to decorate walls or windows. 

The swallow is one of the symbols of Portugal. It represents family, home, and faithfulness. Swallows mate for life and raise their chicks together. Every year they come back to the same nesting spot. 

The tradition of making ceramic swallows dates back to the 19th century. In 1896 Portuguese artist Rafaello Pinheiro registered the patent for his ceramic swallow.

Quickly swallows became very popular. People started decorating their houses with them and giving swallows as presents.

Nowadays, you can see swallows decorating homes in different parts of the country. This tradition is popular in the Algarve region of Portugal. You can buy ceramic swallows in one of the souvenir shops in the Old Town of Lagos.

Depending on the size, a ceramic swallow costs between 6 and 25 euros.  As an alternative, you can buy a swallow magnet for your fridge. 

7. Barcelos Rooster items

Recommended by Lara from The Best Travel Gifts

Hand holding a cup with a rooster on it
I love having unique cups from my holidays

Even though the story behind the rooster originated in the town of Barcelos in Northern Portugal, it is still a widely used symbol throughout the country. 

The story goes something like this: 

Once upon a time, there was an innocent pilgrim who reached the town of Barcelos where an unsolved crime kept the inhabitants restless. To restore the peace, the authorities arrested the innocent Pilgrim as a scapegoat.

He was sentenced to death, but before he was sent to the gallows he said “It is as certain I am innocent as that rooster crows when they hang me!” while pointing at a roasted rooster.

I’m pretty sure you can already guess how the tale ends. His prediction became true. The dead rooster suddenly came back to life and crowed right before he was hanged. 

And they all lived happily ever after. 

So if you’re looking for an iconic keepsake from Portugal, one that’s linked to an old local legend, and that reminds you of your mom’s wise words that the truth will always prevail, go for something with the Rooster of Barcelos, or galo de barcelos in Portuguese.

From bags, fridge magnets, mugs, and little barcelos rooster statues you can find literally anything with this typical Portuguese symbol. 

8. Hand-crafted jewellery

Recommended by Alyssa from An Apple a Plane

Market stalls in Porto
A great place to buy hand-crafted jewellery is the market in Porto

Portugal is home to several vibrant markets featuring beautiful, local hand-crafted items.  Some of the most unique souvenirs you can purchase are beautiful jewelry items from small businesses.

Some incredible markets featuring hand-crafted jewelry in Portugal include: a craft market outside of Time Out Market Lisbon on Saturdays and LX Factory Sunday Market

These markets tend to be a bit higher in price as the target audience is geared towards tourism.  Feira de Ladra is one of the most wonderful local markets in Lisbon which runs twice a week.  

My favorite jewelry stand had a stall located at a couple of different markets.  The shop’s talented, local owner was pressing olive leaves into melted gold metal.

The result is uniquely shaped rings with an outline of an individual olive leaf on each ring.  In 2021, he was selling them for $10 each.  

Other hand-crafted jewelry includes tiny metal pendants for dainty jewelry lovers sold for approximately $15 each, and beaded necklaces. 

There are unique types of hand-made jewelry across the various markets in Portugal for all jewelry lovers or those looking for something special and unique, all while supporting a local business.  

9. Olive oil from Douro Valley

Recommended by Maartje from Unieke Vakantieplekjes

A hand holding a bottle of olive oil from Portugal
Olive oil from Douro Valley

When exploring the Douro Valley in Portugal, don’t miss the opportunity to bring home a bottle of exquisite Portuguese olive oil as a souvenir.

While the region is renowned for its vineyards and port wine, it also boasts a surprising abundance of olive trees. Many wineries in the area have their own olive oil production alongside their wine production.

Olive oil from the Douro Valley makes for a fantastic souvenir due to its exceptional quality and unique flavour profile. The region’s ideal climate and fertile schist soil contribute to the production of olives with a rich taste, a distinct aroma and the best quality.

You’ll not only have the chance to taste and purchase a top-quality product, but you’ll also support the region’s traditional agricultural practices and take home a piece of Portugal’s gastronomic heritage. 

We highly recommend trying the olive oils from Quinta da Padrela and Quinta do Monte Travesso.

These two establishments not only provide free tours and tastings of their wineries. They also offer a unique opportunity for camper van travelers to camp on their grounds for free, but it is expected to purchase one of their exceptional wines or olive oils, which come highly recommended.

As for the price range, you can expect to find bottles of Douro Valley olive oil starting from around €8. This makes it an affordable souvenir option that allows you to bring a piece of Portugal’s gastronomic heritage back home.

Whether you use it to elevate your dishes or simply enjoy it as a standalone dipping oil, the Douro Valley extra virgin olive oil will transport you back to the beautiful landscapes and flavours of Portugal with every drizzle.

10. Fado Records

Recommended by By Alex Trembath from Career Gappers

A record laying on a sofer
Fado record from Portugal

Fado is a genre of music that has defined the social development of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, and it remains an important part of the city’s fabric today.

The style of fado is simple; a singer accompanied by a guitarra player, sometimes also with a viola or bass player. Fado songs are typically gentle and melodic, with a subtle backing that places the emphasis on the melancholy storytelling of the vocals.

If you take a walk around the old neighbourhoods of Alfama or Bairro Alto, among some of the most beautiful viewpoints in Lisbon, you will still find fado houses among the back-streets and cobbled hills.

Many of these have become tourist attractions, where you can have sit-down meals and watch performances between courses, but in the 19th century, they were at the heart of Lisbon’s working-class communities and provided a place for expression.

You can learn about the roots of the genre and its most legendary performers at the interactive Fado Museum, at the foot of Alfama.

The museum’s shop sells fado records, and you can also find them in many of the city’s quirky markets, such as Feira da Ladra, the “Thieves Market”.

I bought a vinyl of Amália Rodrigues, one of the very greatest fado artists, and it’s perfect for whenever I want to recreate a slice of Lisbon at home.

11. T-shirt with a unique print

Recommended by Victoria from Guide Your Travel

T-shirt on the floor with Super Bock logo on it, a Portuguese beer brand
A nice souvenir if you like Portuguese beer

When visiting Portugal, one of the best souvenirs you can bring back home is a stylish T-shirt. These t-shirts make for a great souvenir for several reasons.

They showcase Portugal’s vibrant culture and rich heritage through unique designs that often feature iconic landmarks, traditional patterns, famous Portuguese phrases or the famous “Super Bock” beer brand. 

As you stroll through the markets and boutiques in Portugal, you’ll find an array of t-shirts in various colours, sizes, and designs to suit every taste. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a bold statement piece, there’s a t-shirt to match your style.

The prices for these souvenirs are quite reasonable, with a rough price range of €15 to €30, depending on the complexity of the design and the quality of the materials. However, make sure you don’t get scammed at these markets and souvenir shops.

As a German with a love for beer, my trip to Portugal was an unforgettable experience but only complete with a Super Bock t-shirt that I just had to take home.

12. Flowers with roots from Madeira

Recommended by Joanna from

Flower roots at a stall in the market in Madeira
Bring the holiday back to your home garden

If you are looking for a unique souvenir from Portugal, why not buy a flower with roots from the market in Madeira?

The Mercado dos Lavradores is a lively market, one of the most popular attractions on the island not just for the exotic fruits and vegetables, but also for the local Madeiran food which you can taste at one of the restaurants here. 

In the flower section of the market you will find locals selling local flowers such as orchids or the very popular Lilly of the Nile. You can buy the flowers with roots, or just as bulbs.

The sellers will let you know how to plant and how to care for them. The prices are low, usually around 5 euros for 3 bulbs.

I bought three bulbs of the Lilly of the Nile during my trip to Madeira, which are still thriving and growing, after almost a year since my trip to this Portuguese island.

The seller told me how to take care of it, and to make sure to bring it inside the house during the cold months, as the plant is used to the mild temperatures in Madeira and not the cold UK winters.

13. Ginjinha Cherry Liqueur

Recommended by Sam Opp from Find Love and Travel

Hand holding a red tissue and a chocolate cup with cherry liquor in it
Sour cherry liqueur in a chocolate cup is a very unique flavor

When searching for souvenirs to bring back from Portugal, a Portugal travel tip to keep in mind is finding unique and authentic Portuguese souvenirs. Therefore, you should certainly look out for Ginjinha Cherry Liqueur.

This is a famous liqueur made from ginja sour cherries, alcohol, and sugar. Then it is infused with spices such as cloves or cinnamon. You’ll be able to spot this drink easily due to its distinctive deep red color.

The liqueur is also often served in shot glasses or even edible chocolate cups for around 1 euro. 

There is some controversy in Portugal surrounding where this drink originates from. Some say Lisbon, while others say Obidos. Furthermore, many argue that the best Ginjinha Cherry Liqueur can be enjoyed in Obidos since they are closest to the ginja (cherry) farms.

Drinking this liqueur is considered an experience that everybody who visits Portugal should have. As for taste, people either love or hate it which makes it the perfect souvenir to bring home with you and share with your friends and family and find out their opinion on this famous drink.

You’ll be able to find the liqueur in little stands on the side of the roads, usually in tourist-filled areas around Lisbon and Obidos, or in liquor stores.

The price ranges depending on the quality, but you can expect to spend around 15-40 euros per bottle.

14. Religious items from Fatima

Recommended by Christine of The Backpacking Executive

Souvenir shop in Fatima
Souvenir shop in Fatima

Portugal offers delightful souvenirs that capture the country’s rich culture, history, and craftsmanship. 

And if you are looking for the best souvenirs from Portugal,  head to the largest gift shop in Fatima, located in central Portugal. 

There are many religious items that you can buy from Fatima, the religious item from Fatima that is often considered a meaningful souvenir. There are many religious items that you can buy in Fatima. 

You can give a “Fatima Rosary” or “Fatima Prayer Beads.” These rosaries often come with unique designs and beads in different colors.

These rosaries often come with unique designs and beads, making them special keepsakes for Catholics and other Christians. Prices range from $14-$100, depending on the designs and beads. 

There is also a wide selection of religious statues and images depicting Our Lady of Fatima, the three shepherd children, or other saints and religious figures.

These items can be displayed in homes or personal prayer spaces. And it will cost you $48 -$145, depending on the size and design.

Special candles can also be bought in Fatima, often used for lighting in the Sanctuary during prayer and for pilgrims to take back home as a symbol of spiritual illumination.

Prices range from $20-$ 129 for a single scented candle or a set of 6 varieties of scents and saints designs.

15. A bag made out of cork

Recommended by Alexandra from The Alternative Travel Guide 

Close up of a cork hand bag with a flower pattern
Cork handbag with cute flower pattern

A trip to Portugal, one of the warmest countries in Europe, is not only an unforgettable adventure but also an opportunity to bring home a unique souvenir that can become part of your outfit and constantly remind you of your last holiday. 

In Portugal, you can find really cute handbags made out of cork at many souvenir markets. And cork bags have a few advantages over other bags:

  • A bag is completely ecological. It is made of a material created by nature – it is cork wood.
  • Cork wood is very durable, even stronger than leather. Leather handles are more likely to wear out than cork.
  • Eco-bag is very light weight.
  • It is simply pretty and unique. 

While travelling around Portugal, you will find all sorts of cork products. You can choose between evening bags, small bags, shopper bags, laptop bags and even backpacks. A cork bag will be a beautiful and practical souvenir from Portugal.

Final thoughts: Portugal souvenirs

There are so many traditional Portuguese gifts which make for great souvenirs which you can buy in all major Portuguese cities as well as at markets in smaller towns.

In case you visit both Spain and Portugal for 10 days or more, it’s great to see Portugal last so you can buy your gifts from Portugal at the end of your trip.

I have left out one delicious sweet treat from my list, pastel de nata or pasteis de nata. Pastel de nata is a delicious custard dessert which you can get vegan versions of in the major Portuguese cities. But it’s best to satisfy your sweet tooth there because they would be horrible to pack.

Read more on what to do in the North of Portugal:

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