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Best Vegan Breakfast in Barcelona in All-Vegan Restaurants

There’s nothing better than to start your day in Barcelona with a delicious vegan breakfast, and the places to get vegan breakfast in Barcelona are in all-vegan restaurants. That way you can support local vegan businesses and you can order anything from the menu you want.

I’ve been to Barcelona numerous times now and visited all the vegan breakfast places I could find which open before noon. In general, most breakfast places open around 9am, but make sure to check the up-to-date opening times online before heading out.

Best Vegan Brunch in Barcelona

Cafe Equilibrium

Matcha latte and pancakes with fruit
Matcha latte and pancakes with fruit

Cafe Equilibrium might just have the best vegan brunch Barcelona has to offer. It turned into a must-visit spot for me every time I’m in Barcelona.

I’ve tried many different things from the menu and everything has been delicious but my absolute favorite dish is the vegan omelet and the fruit pancakes.

They also have a full English breakfast, a cheese toasty, and a smoothie bowl among other things.

The juices are very refreshing, I recommend having one with your savory breakfast and in case you have some room left, you can have some delicious matcha or chai tea with your sweet treat. The chai tea is made with real spices and comes in a small pot, so cool!

Bubita Sangria Bar

Tina enjoying a diverse vegan breakfast platter at Bubita Brunch in Barcelona, featuring a colorful medley of plant-based sausage, seasoned potatoes, and fresh fruit accompanied by iced tea and sangria.
Great if you’re very hungry for breakfast

You might not think a restaurant called Bubita Sangria Bar is open for breakfast, but you’d be wrong. They have some great brunch options until 4 pm.

Their brunch menu includes a vegan full English breakfast, different bagels, and pancakes. But you can also have some paella or cake for brunch. And to top it off, simply enjoy a sangria with your brunch. I had a non-alcoholic sangria with my brunch and it was super tasty.

In general, Bubita Sangria Bar is one of the best places for vegan tapas in Barcelona. They serve different tapas after 4 pm.


Morgentau is an amazing vegan brunch restaurant in Barcelona. They serve delicious food and they only use locally sourced and fair trade products.

The only downside of Morgentau is the location, it’s quite a bit away from the attractions in Barcelona.

Best Vegan Breakfast in Barcelona

The Vegan Corner

A hearty vegan breakfast in Barcelona featuring a croissant sandwich, a sugar-dusted doughnut, and fresh orange juice at Vegan Corner.
The fresh orange juice and the sandwich-croissant was so good!

The Vegan Corner is a great place for vegan breakfast in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. They have all their food options on display, but they’ll heat it up for you if you prefer.

I really like that you can get fresh orange juice at the Vegan Corner, it just makes breakfast better.

It’s also a great place to grab a quick snack in the afternoon while you’re exploring the great free attractions in Barcelona.

Santa Vegana

An overhead shot of a traditional Barcelona vegan breakfast spread with assorted pastries, a cappuccino, and tea at Santa Vegana.
Our vegan breakfast at Santa Vegana

Santa Vegana is very close to the Vegan Corner and they have a surprisingly similar food display. The food in both vegan cafés is very good and perfect for a quick bite to eat.

The only downside to Santa Vegana is that they only have coffee, tea, and soft drinks. They don’t have fresh orange juice or a matcha latte or something similar.

It’s still a great spot for a snack though, I went there a few times to get snacks for my day trips from Barcelona since it was closer to my accommodation than the Vegan Corner.


Tina enjoying a vegan breakfast at a botanical-themed cafe in Barcelona, with the neon sign 'All You Need Is Plants' glowing in the background.
I liked the interior design of the place

The signature dish at botànic is their vegan French toast. It’s very sweet and rich, I was happy we decided to share one French toast and one avocado bread since the French toast would have been a bit too much for me, but my boyfriend loved it.

I also really loved the interior design of the place, it’s very chic and modern with some plants sprinkled around.

BeBo Cold Press

Close-up of a nutritious vegan granola bowl with tahini drizzle and a frothy soy latte at Bebo Cold Press, a popular breakfast spot in Barcelona.
I went for the açai bowl

BeBo Cold Press offers, well, cold-pressed juices. But since I wasn’t in the mood for juice, I had a matcha latte and an açai bowl.

The açai bowl was very good, but the matcha was a bit too mild for me, I could barely taste the matcha. They also have grilled wraps or savory bowls in case you’re not in the mood for an açai bowl.

The indoor sitting area is very limited, there are only three chairs. So, you might need to take your breakfast to go and eat it in a nearby park.

Final Thoughts: Barcelona Vegan Breakfast

At first glance, it might seem that most vegan restaurants in Barcelona only open later in the day, but at a closer look I found plenty of vegan breakfast and brunch places in Barcelona.

No matter if you’re only looking for a croissant and a coffee, or a full brunch with sweet and savory options, Barcelona has it all.

I enjoyed all the dishes we had in the different places, but my favorite vegan brunch spot in Barcelona remains Café Equilibrium, the first place I had vegan breakfast in Barcelona in.

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Best Vegan Breakfast Barcelona Spain

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