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13 Magical Harry Potter Things to Do in London

London is the best place to be for all Harry Potter fans, like me! There are just so many amazing Harry Potter things to do in London from visiting original filming locations to having a Harry Potter inspired afternoon tea.

I love Harry Potter and I’ve been to London multiple times so I had the chance to visit all the Harry Potter attractions in London.

My favourite is walking down Diagonal Alley in the Harry Potter world in Watford just outside London, it’s just so cool to get a glimpse of all the original props they use in the movies.

But there are also so many great Harry Potter things in London itself like brewing your own potions.

13 Best Harry Potter things to do in London

1. Visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

Model of Hogwarts at the Warner Bros Studios in London; How to get to Harry Potter Studios from London
Amazing day trip to Hogwarts on a Harry Potter Studio Tour!

The best Harry Potter-related thing to do in London is to visit the Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. It’s technically not in London itself but in Watford.

However, it’s super easy to get to the Warner Bros Studio Tour from London by public transport. You just take the train to Watford Junction and change there to the Harry Potter shuttle bus.

At the Harry Potter Studios, you get to see some original props, everything from everyone’s wands to the Hogwarts Express and the great hall.

You see how the special effects were made and how costumes and masks are made. And only seeing that made me realise how incredible it actually is.

There are also two restaurants and a cafe at the studios with vegan options. 

Every now and then they add new exhibits. I’ve been three times already and every time I loved my time there. 

🤩 Combine a trip to Harry Potter World with a day trip to Oxford!

2. See Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre from the outside in London
I saw the theatre twice and loved it!

I loved reading all the Harry Potter books but when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out, I wasn’t bothered at all and didn’t even read it because of the style it’s written in. 

When I spent some time in the UK and visited a lot of Harry Potter locations I decided to watch it anyway. And it was great! Even though I always expected them to start singing because usually I only watch musicals. 

After watching the play at the Palace Theatre in central London for the first time, I read the book and then I watched the play again. Now it’s one of my favourite Harry Potter attractions London has to offer.

The second time watching the play was even better than the first time because I spent more money on the seats so I could actually see the actors and actresses on the stage. The first time I sat so high up and far back that I could only make out the outlines.

Before I watched the play, I had some delicious vegan food in Soho London, this iconic district of London is just behind the theatre.

3. Go to the Harry Potter filming locations in London

Entrance to a market with a roof over it; Leadenhall Market in London
Leadenhall Market is one of the many Harry Potter filming locations in London

There are so many original real-life Harry Potter film locations in London, most of them you’ll see if you take a Harry Potter walking tour. But you can visit all of the locations on your own as well. 

I wrote a whole article about the best Harry Potter places to visit in London, from Harry Potter filming locations to locations that inspired J.K. Rowling in creating the Harry Potter series.

One of the most famous filming locations is of course Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station.

Another great filming location is Leadenhall Market. The market was an inspiration for Diagon Alley and in the first Harry Potter film the scene with the Leaky Cauldron was shot there.

🤩 Discover amazing Harry Potter filming locations on a walking tour!

4. Take a picture at Platform 9 3/4

People queuing up in a train station
Platform 9 3/4 can get really busy at King’s Cross

Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station is a massive tourist attraction and one of the most famous Harry Potter sights in London. It’s also one of the great free Harry Potter things to do in London.

The train station scenes in Harry Potter were actually filmed in King’s Cross between platforms 4 and 5, you can only get there with a train ticket. The Harry Potter tourist attraction is not at the platforms, however.

In King’s Cross there’s a super busy Harry Potter souvenir shop and people are queuing up to get a picture with the half-trolley screwed to the wall so it looks like you already half pushed it through the magical barrier.

🤩 This Harry Potter walking tour starts at King’s Cross!

5. Take a Harry Potter walking tour

People walking down a narrow alley in London
Walking down the inspiration for Knockturn Alley on a Harry Potter Walking Tour

You can visit all of the Harry Potter locations in London on your own but it’s easier to take a tour. The tour guides really know their stuff and tell you a lot of background info. 

For me, it was very interesting to not just see the actual filming locations but to also hear about the places that inspired the Harry Potter universe. Like that Cecil Court was the inspiration for Diagon Alley.

My favourite thing about a Harry Potter tour is that the guide usually has printed out pictures of the film scenes so it’s easier to see that you’re actually at the right place.

I’ve seen the Harry Potter movies many times but looking at the pictures really helped a lot.

🤩 Check Prices and Availability of a Harry Potter Tour of London!

6. Stay in a Harry Potter hotel

Outside a Hotel in London
You can’t see the Harry Potter rooms from the outside

In London you can even stay in a Harry Potter themed hotel, or rather a Harry Potter themed hotel room.

The Georgian House Hotel has Enchanted Chambers for 2 people and Family Wizard Chambers for up to 6 people. Make sure to book one of those rooms if you want a Harry Potter accommodation.

From the outside the hotel looks like an average hotel and even in the lobby you can’t see that they have rooms looking like out of a Harry Potter movie.

🤩 Check the Prices and Availability of the Harry Potter rooms at the Georgian House Hotel!

7. Have a Harry Potter afternoon tea

Tina in a wizards hat having afternoon tea
Me at Harry Potter Afternoon Tea London

There are multiple locations where you can get a Harry Potter themed afternoon tea in London.

I had afternoon tea at the Georgian House Hotel. Every guest gets to wear a wizard’s hat and they only play Harry Potter music. There’s also a very cool magical cauldron but to be completely honest I expected a bit more Harry Potter decorations.

Other popular places for Harry Potter afternoon tea are The Wands and Wizard Exploratorium and The Potion Room at Cutter & Squidge.

All of those afternoon tea places in London have vegan options, just make sure to mention that you want the vegan menu when you book your table.

If you’re wondering about the tipping etiquette in London, it’s highly appreciated but not mandatory.

8. Go shopping at a Harry Potter souvenir shop

Inside a Harry Potter souvenir shop
My favorite one of the Harry Potter shops in London: House of Spells

There are countless Harry Potter souvenir shops in London, and in them, you can get all the Harry Potter stuff in London your heart desires, from magic wands to Harry Potter sweaters (and yes I have both of those at home).

My favourite Harry Potter gift shop is House of Spells. They don’t just have a great selection of Harry Potter items but the store is also decorated in a very cool way.

The most overrated Harry Potter shop in my opinion is the souvenir shop at Kings Cross station. It’s so overcrowded that you can’t walk around properly and for me, it’s too stressful to have a look around in it because of all the people.

9. Look at original prints at House of MinaLima

Colourful shop window in London
You might need to queue up to get into House of MinaLima

The graphic designers behind House of MinaLima helped create the magical world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

In House of MinaLima, you can admire their artwork of different design elements used in Harry Potter, like newspapers, books, coat of arms and many more.

House of MinaLima is not just a gallery though, it’s also a shop. So, you can get some Wizarding World prints for your home. They also sell beautiful special editions of the Harry Potter books.

House of MinaLima is one of the most unique Harry Potter experiences London has to offer. And even if you’re not a big Harry Potter fan, the original film artwork is one of the best things to see in Soho London.

10. Brew your own potions

Outside of The Wands & Wizard Exploratorium
Brew your own magical potions at this Harry Potter attraction in London!

One of the best Harry Potter experiences in London is to brew your own potions with wands and special effects.

A very popular place for potion brewing is the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium in SOHO. It’s very popular so you might need to prebook a table.

You can go there for a whole potion-making experience or you can just go there for a cocktail.

Another great place for brewing molecular cocktails is The Cauldron. The Cauldron has more of a bar feeling, and I think there are fewer kids.

11. Take a picture of the Harry Potter statue at Leicester Square

Statue of Harry Potter at Leicester Square; visiting the statue is one of the cool Harry Potter things to do in London
Statue of Harry Potter, Leicester Square is full of famous fantasy statues

Leicester Square is full of statues of famous fictional characters, so of course, Harry Potter is among them.

Some other famous statues at Leicester Square are Indiana Jones, Mary Poppins and Batman on top of the roof of a cinema.

The first seven Harry Potter movies also had their premiers at Leicester Square at the ODEON Luxe cinema. Only the last Harry Potter movie premiered at Trafalgar Square instead of Leicester Square.

If you’re in London in the summer months, Leicester Square is great to take a seat in the sun and watch the hustle and bustle of city life.

12. Find the magical telephone box

The telephone box Harry and Mr Weasley use in the films is unfortunately not really in the location it is in the movie. This scene was filmed in front of Scotland Yard and they only brought the telephone box for the filming.

But there are loads of red telephone boxes all over London, so you can just find one try if they bring you to the Ministry of Magic.

Fun side note, did you know the numbers Mr Weasley dials spell the word MAGIC?

13. Test your knowledge at a Harry Potter pub quiz

Pub quizzes are very popular in the United Kingdom and what better place to test your Harry Potter knowledge than at a Harry Potter pub quiz?

So, check online if there are any Harry Potter quizzes going on during your time in London.

Harry Potter things to do in the UK

After you’ve done all the Harry Potter activities London has to offer, it’s time to venture outside the country’s capital to some magical sites all over the UK.

On a day trip to Oxford, you can explore more Harry Potter filming locations, like the Bodleian Library and the Divinity School, in the beautiful historic town a short drive away from London.

One of my favourite Harry Potter destinations in the UK is York, the cute historic town centre looks just like in a Harry Potter movie.

To find more Harry Potter attractions in the UK, check out my article about the best Harry Potter destinations in the United Kingdom.

FAQ about Harry Potter attractions in London

Is there any Harry Potter things to do in London?

There are a lot of Harry Potter things to do in London, from visiting filming locations to watching Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play to brewing your own potions.

What is the best Harry Potter experience in the UK?

The best Harry Potter experience in the UK is to visit the Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studios just outside London. You can have a look at the original movie props and get a glimpse behind the scenes.

Do they have a Harry Potter world in London?

Yes, the Harry Potter World London is in Watford, a bit outside of London, but very easily reachable by public transportation.

Final thoughts: Harry Potter activities in London

From the magical corridors of the Warner Bros Studio Tour in Watford to brewing potions in the bustling streets of Soho, there’s no shortage of Harry Potter stuff to do in London.

Whether you’re a Potterhead through and through or just curious about the hype, these 13 Harry Potter activities in London are sure to cast a spell on you.

But why stop at London? The UK is filled with Harry Potter treasures, from Oxford’s historic sites to the quaint charm of York. So, after you’ve ticked off all the London spots, why not extend your adventure and discover more of the Harry Potter universe across the UK?

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