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Best Day Trip from Bristol to Stonehenge With Extra Stops

Stonehenge is one of the most iconic and mysterious landmarks in the world. And as it’s just a 1.5 hours drive, you can easily do a day trip from Bristol to Stonehenge.

However if you’re planning on visiting Stonehenge I highly recommend adding some more stops to your day trip, as you won’t be spending that much time in Stonehenge itself.  Include charming towns in the Cotswolds, impressive abbeys, and Harry Potter filming locations in your itinerary.

I opted for a guided tour from Bristol to visit all those amazing places. In this article, I’ll talk more about why I chose a guided tour and what you can expect to see and experience on this unforgettable day trip.

Panoramic view of Stonehenge on a sunny day, showing the ancient stone formations against a backdrop of blue sky, perfect picture from a day trip to Stonehenge.

Why I Chose a Day Tour to Stonehenge from Bristol

I did this day trip solo and to be honest I’m not a big fan of renting cars on my own, especially if I would have to drive on the left side of the road!

While you can reach Stonehenge from Bristol by public transport with a single change at Salisbury, visiting multiple locations in one day isn’t doable with public transport. That’s why choosing a guided tour was the perfect solution for me.

Plus, having a knowledgeable and entertaining guide made the whole experience even more enjoyable. I learned so much about the history and legends surrounding Stonehenge, as well as interesting facts about each stop along the way.

🤩 I love this Stonehenge Cotswold tour for it’s amazing stops!

Crowd of visitors at Stonehenge under a clear blue sky, exploring the ancient stone circle, illustrating the popular question: Is Stonehenge worth seeing?
I visited Stonehenge on a quiet day

Visiting Stonehenge

Stonehenge is an ancient stone circle that has puzzled researchers and fascinated visitors for centuries. The site dates back to over 5,000 years ago and its purpose and construction still remain a mystery.

From the car park you can either walk or take a shuttle bus to the ancient stone circle. The stones are fenced off to prevent any damage, you can circle them once. It’s so impressive when you think about how the stone circle was created, amazing.

Thatched-roof huts at Stonehenge visitor center, showcasing traditional English architecture, prompting travelers to consider if Stonehenge is worth visiting.
You can also see replica of buildings at the time when Stonehenge was built

There’s also a welcome centre featuring a museum, Stonehenge-era home replicas, a souvenir shop, and a café.

Tip: Download your free audio guide before setting off on your day trip, the WiFi at the visitor centre isn’t the best. And don’t forget to bring your headphones.

🤩 I love this Stonehenge Cotswolds tour for it’s great stops along!

Other Stops on the Stonehenge Tour from Bristol

Avebury Stone Circle

Sheep grazing on vibrant green grass at Avebury Stone Circle during a day trip from Bristol to Stonehenge area, with ancient standing stones and tourists in the background under a blue sky.
At the Avebury Stone Circle you’ll be surrounded by sheep and not people

The Avebury Stone Circle is the largest prehistoric stone circle in the world! The stone circle is so big that the small village of Avebury is actually inside the stone circle. Admittedly, it’s a very small village with just a few buildings but nonetheless very impressive.

The best part about the Avebury Stone Circle is that you can really get close to the stones, you can even touch them. So, if you were disappointed not being able to touch Stonehenge, here’s your chance to touch some prehistoric stones.

🤩 I love this Stonehenge – Cotswold day trip for it’s many amazing stops!

Lacock Village & Abbey

Interior of the historical Lacock Abbey cloisters, captured on a day excursion from Bristol to the Stonehenge region, showing Gothic architecture with detailed stone carvings and sunlight streaming through the arches.
Do you recognise the halls of Hogwarts?

Lacock is the perfect spot on this day tour for all Harry Potter fans as it’s one of the filming locations for the movies. In the village you can find Lily and James Potter’s house, and Professor Slughorn’s hideout before his return to Hogwarts.

Lacock Abbey was also used as a Harry Potter filming location. The cloisters of the abbey functioned as Hogwarts’ corridors.

But even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, Lacock is still worth a visit. The village dates back to the 13th century and has preserved its medieval charm with its timber-framed houses and cobblestone streets. Weren’t it for the cars parked everywhere, you would feel like stepping back in time.

Note: You have to pay an entrance fee to visit Lacock Abbey which is not included in the tour price.

🤩 I love this Stonehenge trip because its a small group tour!

Castle Combe Village

Picturesque view of Castle Combe village on a Bristol to Stonehenge day tour, showcasing traditional Cotswold stone houses along a peaceful river, with people and bicycles adding life to the serene setting.
Castle Combe in supposed to be one of the most beautiful Cotswold villages

Castle Combe is often referred to as the prettiest village in England. And I have to admit, it’s very charming.

However, the amount of tourists roaming the streets of such a small Cotswold village is a bit weird. I felt more like in an open air museum that in an actual village where people live.

🤩 This Bristol to Cotswold tour offers a fantastic first look at this stunning area!

Charming village scene at Avebury, featuring The Henge Shop and a classic red telephone box, surrounded by blooming flowers and a stone building, visited on a day trip from Bristol to Stonehenge.
How pretty is Avebury village?

Final Thoughts: Best Day Trip from Bristol to Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the best day trips from Bristol, especially if you add some of the other amazing stops along the way. Whether you choose to drive yourself or opt for a guided tour, make sure to include Avebury Stone Circle, Lacock, and Castle Combe Village in your itinerary.

Those stops made my Stonehenge day trip even more memorable and gave me a better understanding of the history and beauty of this region. So, don’t just visit Stonehenge, make it an adventure and explore all the best places that can be found along the way.

If you don’t have time for this day trip during your time in Bristol, you can also visit Stonehenge on a day trip from London.

🤩 I did this Bristol to Stonehenge & Cotswold tour and loved it!

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Amazing Day Trip to Stonehenge from Bristol

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