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10 Visiting Alhambra Tips

Get all the visiting Alhambra tips you need for your visit

Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Spanish Cultural Heritage and one of the Seven Wonders Of The Muslim World. In other words, it’s a must-see if you’re in Andalusia.

Because it’s such an iconic Spanish landmark it can get very busy and tickets sell out fast.

I visited at the end of October, which was a perfect time for visiting since it’s still very warm but not too hot and less crowded than in summer.

It was an unforgettable experience to wander through those impressive palace area. And with these visiting Alhambra tips I want to help you have a hassle-free time there as well.

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10 Visiting Alhambra Tips

1. Buy your tickets early enough

Intricate decorated columns at Nasrid Palace, tours from Seville to Granada

One of my first visiting Alhambra tips is to buy your ticket online at the official Alhambra webpage in advance, otherwise, you might not be able to visit at all.

I was pretty surprised at the cheap tickets, only €14 per person in the off-season. But you need to book your tickets in advance, like really in advance. I visited at the end of October and managed to buy a ticket two weeks in advance.

Usually, tickets sell out months in advance. So, as soon as you know when you’ll be in the south of Spain, check the tickets on the official Alhambra website. You might even want to check for tickets first and plan your trip around those dates. 

So again the most important of my visiting Alhambra tips is to get your ticket early enough otherwise you won’t be able to see it at all.

If the official tickets are sold out, you can check some third-party guided tours.

In general, I don’t think you need a guided tour. I prefer walking at my own pace and reading things up on my phone if need be.

A guided tour will also be more expensive, but better an expensive guided tour than missing out on Alhambra because the tickets were sold out.

You can also look into tours to Alhambra from Seville with included entrance tickets.

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2. Bring your passport

Three windows next to each other in the Alhambra palace
Generalife Garden at Alhambra

When you buy your ticket you already need to fill out your passport details and you’re reminded to bring the passport to your visit.

So I did read that I need to bring my passport when I booked my ticket, but when the day of my visit came I almost forgot it. Because I usually leave my passport in my hotel for safety reasons.

So, another one of my visiting Alhambra tips, it’s very important to bring your passport, you need to show it at every entrance.

You also need to show your ticket, an online version on your phone is fine. So make sure that your phone has enough battery for the whole day to take pictures and to show your ticket. I always bring a battery bank with me on sightseeing days.

You need to show your passport and ticket at the entrances to the three main things to see at Alhambra: Generalife Garden, Alcazaba and Nasrid Palace.

To walk between those main sights, which is to say to see the gates and the Palace of Charles the V does not require a ticket at all. So if you didn’t manage to buy a ticket, you can still walk around the Alhambra complex a bit.

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3. Enter Alhambra at any time

When you buy your ticket for Alhambra you have to choose a timeslot. The next important tip from my visiting Alhambra tips is that your timeslot only applies to Nasrid Palace. So if you got a later time, you can explore everything else beforehand.

My ticket was for 4 pm and I set off in town at 12:30 pm, which gave me enough time to check everything out. I had a bit of time to spare before my time slot at Nasrid Palace, but not too long.

4. Don’t miss your time slot for Nasrid Palace

Building and palm tree reflecting in water; 10 Visiting Alhambra tips

As I said before, the timeslot on your ticket is only for Nasrid Palace.

So one of the most important visiting Alhambra tips is: Be at the entrance to the Nasrid Palace at the time of your ticket. Otherwise, you might miss the highlight of the whole trip and we definitely don’t want that!

You can start queueing up about 15 min before your entrance time.

If you go to Generalife Garden before going to Nasrid Palace, make sure to plan enough time for that so you get back in time. It took me about one and a half hours to walk all through Generalife Garden without sitting down once.

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5. Best times to take pictures

Visiting Alhambra Tips: Find friendly people who take a picture of you
Find friendly people who take a picture of you

Alhambra is one of the most visited places in all of Spain, which means it can get crowded.

I visited in late October and it was actually quite alright at Generalife and Alcazaba but even then it was really crowded in Nasrid Palace.

The best time to take pictures is if you hang back a bit until most of the people on the same timeslot have moved on. Don’t wait too long though, otherwise, the people from the next timeslot catch up with you.

If you want to find something positive about the amounts of people, there will always be someone around to take a picture of you.

This can get very handy if you’re there on your own like I was. You are not allowed to use selfie sticks or something similar within the main attractions.

6. Wear comfortable shoes

Visiting Alhambra Tips: Wear comfortable shoes
You’ll do a lot of walking in Generalife Garden

Even though you might want to put on a pretty outfit to look great in your pictures, one of my visiting Alhambra tips is to wear comfortable shoes.

You will do a lot of walking. It didn’t feel like that much walking to me because of the beautiful scenery. But I definitely got my steps in for that day.

The perfect way to relax in the evening after spending so much time on your feet is to get a massage and relax in a hot pool in one of the Granada Arab baths.

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7. Bring your water bottle

A rectangular pond in the courtyard of Nasrid palace in Granada, the beautiful building is reflected in the water
Nasrid Palace in Granada

It’s very important to stay hydrated. The best (and most eco-friendly) way to do that is to bring your own water bottle. Don’t forget to refill it at every water fountain you come across.

And you’ll need a lot of water since it gets very hot in Granada and you’ll do a lot of walking. Even in late October when I visited it still had almost 30°C.

I didn’t bring any food to Alhambra, I just had some vegan food in Granada after my visit. But you might want to bring a quick snack as well.

8. Watch out for the Alhambra cats

Watch out for cats at Alhambra
Scruffy looking cat at Alhambra

Before coming to Alhambra I didn’t know that loads of cats live there! There’s a whole cat colony living there and apparently, they’re even considered a tourist attraction.

You’re not allowed to feed the cats, they have specialized personnel to look after the cats.

Some cats looked a bit scruffy but all in all, they seem quite happy to live in a palace ;). So when you wander around Alhambra keep an eye out for cats climbing the walls.

9. Best viewpoint of Alhambra 

View of Alhambra
View of Alhambra from Ermita de San Miguel Alto (a little bit south from there)

From Alhambra, you have a great view of the city of Granada. But a visit to Alhambra wouldn’t be complete without a great view of Alhambra from afar.

The most famous viewpoint is Mirador de San Nicolás, which gives you an as close as possible view.

One of my visiting Alhambra tips is my favourite viewpoint, it’s from a bit further away, right in front of the Ermita de San Miguel Alto. You can read a more detailed description of the viewpoints on my 10 reasons to visit Granada list.

10. Escape the crowds after your visit to Alhambra

water stream in a park

Do you know that feeling of not wanting to see any people after being in a crowded place for too long?

In case you know that feeling and want to find some peace and quiet after your visit to Alhambra, I know the perfect place: Carmen de Los Martires.

This park is located very close to Alhambra and is overlooked by most tourists. It is a beautiful, quite big park, where you can walk in the shade of the trees and enjoy some quiet.

When I visited, I almost didn’t see any other people. I don’t think it’s worth going out of your way to see this park, but if you’re in the area might as well stop by.

FAQ about Alhambra visit tips

Do you need to book Alhambra tickets in advance?

Yes, you need to book tickets for Alhambra way in advance. In the high season, you need to book the tickets months in advance.

How much time should you spend at Alhambra?

The average visiting time of Alhambra is between 3 and 5 hours.

Can I wear shorts in Alhambra?

There is no dress code at Alhambra. But don’t forget to apply suntan lotion if you wear a short outfit.

Can I bring a water bottle into the Alhambra?

Yes, you can bring a water bottle to Alhambra and you should. It can get very hot and you’ll do a lot of walking, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

Do I need to print my Alhambra ticket?

No, you don’t need to print your Alhambra ticket. It’s fine on your phone.

What is the best time to visit Alhambra Granada Spain?

I visited Alhambra in late October and I think it was the perfect time to visit. It was still very warm but not unbearably hot and there were fewer people. The flowers were blooming and there were even ripe pomegranates on the tree, adding a great colour splash to my pictures.

Final thoughts: Visiting the Alhambra tips

In conclusion, visiting the Alhambra is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make the most of your visit and fully appreciate the beauty and history of this incredible palace complex.

Remember to purchase your tickets in advance, arrive early to avoid crowds, and take the time to explore all of the different areas of the Alhambra, from the Nasrid Palaces to the Generalife Gardens.

And don’t forget to explore the city of Granada itself as well and not just Alhambra. It’s such an amazing place.

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Everything you need to know for an unforgettable visit of Alhambra

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