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Guide to Vegan Granada

Are you looking for vegan food in Granada? This Guide to vegan Granada lists the best vegan restaurants in Granada

Granada is the town with the most vegan restaurants in Andalusia. The city having the most vegan restaurants was actually the reason why we chose to spend a week there. And during this week I fell in love with the city, it has so much to offer.

We found some true gems in Granada and went to some amazing vegan restaurants and some of which were a bit underwhelming. Keep reading my vegan Granada guide to find out which is which.

But rest assured that you’ll find some delicious vegan food in the city whether you stay there a few nights or only visit on a day trip from Seville.

Why go to all vegan restaurants in Granada?

I prefer to go to all vegan restaurants for multiple reasons. For one I want to support vegan businesses, for another, I just love looking at a menu knowing I can order anything I want without having to check if it’s vegan.

And you never have to wonder if there was a mixup in the kitchen and they brought you something non-vegan after all. So do check out the vegan restaurants Granada has to offer! 

When we visited in October 2022 there were 7 all-vegan restaurants listed on Happy Cow Granada, which is still far from the countless vegan restaurants in Barcelona, I mean there are even quite a few vegan sushi places in Barcelona, but it’s definitely a good start.

With that said I do want to mention one vegan-options place, we went to a couple of times. It was right across our apartment, it was open every night till 1 am and they had so many great vegan options: Papas Elvira.

During our time in Granada, we visited Papas Elvira quite a few times and were never disappointed.

Best vegan restaurants in Granada

Wild Food

3 tacos on a plate
Starter at WildFood

Wild Food, Granada, is the most recommended place in Granada with great reviews. The interior is very elegant, it’s a restaurant inside a fancy hotel. 

Online it says it’s an all-vegan restaurant. Well… it turns out there are two restaurants inside one place. So, basically, it’s one restaurant with two menus, of which one is vegan. In my opinion, it’s not a vegan restaurant then!

One of the advantages of an all-vegan restaurant is that I don’t have to worry about a mixup and getting something non-vegan. When I got my dish, it looked different than on the menu, so I wondered if I got something non-vegan.

I don’t know, I just feel tricked if a restaurant says it’s all vegan and then it has a whole menu of non-vegan dishes. And I really can’t believe that’s the most recommended vegan restaurant in Granada, there are so many better ones! 

Let’s get to the important thing now, what we ate and how it tasted:

Plant-Based “Pulled Pork” Tacos: We actually really enjoyed our starter. They were a tiny bit spicy but actually in a good way and usually I don’t like spicy food. In general I quite like jackfruit tacos with a lemony twist. 
Price: €9.50

Fresh Pasta: The pasta itself was very nice but the pasta was submerged in a creamy, weirdly sweet sauce, which I didn’t like. From the menu description and picture, I didn’t know it would come in a sauce like that otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered it. Price: €14

Oven-Baked Rice With Rural Touch: One long name for a dish that just looks like paella. It was all right but by far not the best paella we’ve had in Spain. The rice could have been a bit more well done and sometimes the flavour of rosemary was just overwhelming.  I think I would have liked it better with more veggies in it. 
Price: €13.50


Hicuri my favourite vegan restaurant in Granada
Burger at Hicuri

Hicuri is probably my favourite restaurant in Granada. It’s quite spacious inside, but we sat outside on both occasions we went there.

The first time we went to Hicuri was right after I visited the Alhambra palace, a must-see sight in Granada.

In the evening when it gets dark, they put small lamps on the table, so you get a nice romantic atmosphere.

You get a free small snack with your drinks, which is perfect to nibble on while you wait for your food. I really like that and it doesn’t matter if you get a juice or an alcoholic drink. By the way, did you know the Spanish drinking age is 18?

The cuisine is very international, they have for example pad thai, lasagne or cordon bleu. In the early afternoon, they have a special lunch menu with a starter, main, dessert and drink for just €15. 

We went there twice and altogether tried a lot of different things. The prices are from the evening menu. Some of those dishes you can get as part of the lunch menu.

House Salad: The salad was delicious, with so many different vegetables and fruits. You get a bottle of olive oil and vinegar so you can season it to your liking. It’s listed as a starter but it’s really big. Luckily we shared the starter, otherwise, I would have been full after the big bowl of salad.
Price: €8.50

Salmorejo: This Spanish cold tomato soup is made with bread I believe, that’s why it’s very thick and filling. The taste of garlic was a bit too predominant for me, but if you like garlic go for it.
Price: €5.50

Lasagne: Every time I go to a restaurant and see lasagne, I have to try it. Lasagne is a dish I really like while eating out but I almost never make it myself. The lasagne at Hicuri was delicious like everything else.
Price: €10

Pad Thai: Ever since I went to Thailand in 2018 I love pad thai, it’s one of the few Thai dishes which is not spicy. The pad thai at Hicuri was very good, so lemony and light.
Price: €11.50

Seitan tikka masala: I’ve never had such soft seitan, it almost melted in my mouth. Altogether it tasted good, I think that’s the dish I was least excited about.
Price: €10

Hicuri Burger With Fries: It was a very nice burger with some crispy vegan bacon.
Price: €10.95

Almond Tiramisu: The same thing that goes for lasagne goes for tiramisu, when I see vegan tiramisu on the menu, I just have to try it. I loved the fresh fruit decoration on the tiramisu, it’s always a nice fresh contrast to the creamy dessert. It’s not called almond tiramisu for nothing, you can really taste the marzipany almond flavour.
Price: €4.80

La Tienda de la Unicornios 

Tina sitting in a cafe in Granada with a breakfast on the table
Me and our breakfast at La Tienda de la Unicornios

This little cafe is perfect for a late breakfast (they only open at 11 am) or an afternoon coffee. It’s the only vegan place that opens before noon at all, so basically it’s the only vegan brunch option, but you won’t be disappointed.

I loved the decor of the restaurant, the wall cute painting and the books and games you can read or play there. And don’t forget to go to the toilet there, I really liked the writing they did on the mirror and door.

We went for breakfast on a Sunday right after they opened up. It was the first time I tried a dirty chai, chai tea with an espresso shot and, to be honest, I was quite surprised that I liked it.

I usually don’t drink coffee, but I liked the dirty chai a lot. I liked it even more than the velvet latte I ordered. The velvet latte tasted a bit too artificial for my taste. But now to the food, we had the following dishes:

Avocado & Tomato Toast: The avocado tomato toast was great, and the bread was very nice. But, seriously, is there anything you can do to mess up an avocado toast?
Price: €3.50

Tofu Scramble: The scramble itself tasted very nice, it got the eggy Kala namak flavour. Just the slice of bread and the scrambled tofu would have been a bit dry for my taste. The scrambled tofu and the Avocado & Tomato Toast in combination were a perfect breakfast.
Price: €6.50

Not-ela & Banana Toast: Jack had their vegan Nutella version with some bananas on top, which was nice. But who chooses that when they can have warm cinnamon rolls instead?
Price: €3.50

Cinnamon Roll: They heat up the cinnamon roll, so it’s a warm gooey delight. I loved it! It’s quite big though, I couldn’t finish it all after my breakfast, so I took haft of it to go. When I finished it later, it was still good cold, but if you can I recommend eating it warm in the restaurant.
Price: €3.50

El Piano

Our expectations were very high for El Piano, it has good online reviews and it was recommended by a waiter in a different restaurant we liked.

You can get plates there in different sizes so you can eat it the Spanish way and order a few different dishes in smaller portions.

El Piano displays its daily food options in a glass case. So it seems like a good place for a quick bite, well… considering all the food is pre-cooked it took quite a while for us to get our food.

I had to change my order twice because they had already run out of a few things, which I didn’t mind but I wasn’t sure at the end what I would get, so we didn’t even recognise the free starter you get sometimes in Spain as such.

We thought it was already my dish because the waiter didn’t say anything when he brought it. The food was all right, nothing special and it could have been hotter.

El Oju

El Oju my second favourite vegan restaurant in Granada
Fajitas with Seiten

El Oju was my second favourite vegan restaurant in Granada. It seems like the place where a lot of young local people go to eat.

You get a free snack with your drink and you can even choose the snack you want from a small menu. We sat next to the post-it wall, which was very entertaining to read while waiting for our order.

Nachos 3 Cheeses and Cream: Ever since we spent a month in Barcelona and had so many loaded nachos, I was graving some nachos. To try something a little bit different we tried the 3 cheese nachos. I realized I prefer fully loaded nachos with soy mince and avocado to the ones with just cheese. Also, I hoped the cream would be. sour cream which was not the case, unfortunately.
Price: €9.50

Fajitas of Seitan: The vegetable seitan mix had some curry spices in it, which tasted very nice. If you try to put the mix inside the tortillas you’ll end up with a lot of vegetable seitan mix left, so better to eat it with a fork and have the tortillas on the side.
Price: €12

La Revuelta

vegan pastries in Granada
Croissant, custard filled pastry and focaccia

La Revuelta is without a doubt the best vegan bakery in Granada and that’s not just because it’s the only vegan bakery in Granada. It’s a true gem in Granada.

The little bakery makes everything in-house. All the pastries we tried were super delicious and really affordable.

I only paid €4.20 for a croissant, a custard-filled pastry and focaccia. I can really recommend the custard-filled pastry, they have it with vanilla or chocolate filling, we had the vanilla one. It was so good!

The only downside is that’s a bit out of the way from the touristy area, where you probably spend most of your time. Make sure to check the opening times before you go, it’s a bakery, so it’s not open that long.

Final thoughts: Vegan Granada

There are two more all-vegan restaurants in Granada: Paprika and La Cosa Vegana. The former is a sit-in restaurant and the latter a takeaway restaurant. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit them.

Overall the selection of Granada vegan restaurants is very good, especially because Andalusia is not known for being very vegan-friendly.

But Granada is a city and being vegan in Spain is definitely easier in cities. In the Spanish countryside, it can be more difficult to find vegan or vegetarian restaurants.

But even when you walk the famous Camino de Santiago in the North of Spain, far away from the big cities, you can still manage to find vegan food on the pilgrimage walk.

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Vegan Guide to Granada

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