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Best Ways to Get From Sarajevo to Belgrade

We spent two weeks in Sarajevo and then we wanted to visit Belgrade. I just booked the first flight that came up in search results before really looking into ways how to best get from Sarajevo to Belgrade.

I learned so many things only after we had already booked our plane ticket that I wanted to write this article to help you make the best choice on how to get from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia.

#1 Pick
Road from Sarajevo to Mostar

Sarajevo to Belgrade UNESCO One-Way Day Trip

  • Door-to-door transfer
  • See the countryside of West Bosnia and East Serbia
  • Make the most of the journey
  • Similar price to plane tickets
  • Top reviews

Impossible way: Train from Sarajevo to Belgrade

You can get trains within Bosnia and within Serbia but there are no train connections between the two Balkan countries.

So, no matter how scenic train journeys can be, it’s simply not possible to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade train.

You can get a train within Bosnia from Sarajevo to Mostar which is an amazing day trip. Mostar is the second most visited city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and there are many great things to do in Mostar.

In Serbia you can also catch the train from the capital, Belgrade to the second most visited city, Novi Sad. I did this day trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad by bus.

Cheapest way: From Sarajevo to Belgrade by BUS

The cheapest way to get to Belgrade from Sarajevo is by bus. Multiple bus companies do the trip every day. It’s very important to check different bus companies if you choose to make the trip by bus. You can get an overview of the different companies on this site.

Make sure to check from which Sarajevo bus station your bus leaves since there are different bus stations and not every bus leaves from the main bus station.

The Sarajevo to Belgrade bus prices depend a lot on what bus company you end up choosing, the lowest price is about €23.

At first I wanted to take the bus from Sarajevo to Belgrade, the reason we didn’t was simply I didn’t take into account that there are so many different bus companies doing the journey.

Usually, I love Flixbus for bus journeys in Europe and when I saw that their 9-hours overnight bus arrives the following day at 6 am in Belgrade, I decided to book the plane instead. Because arriving at 6 am in a foreign city in cold spring weather just sucks.

In case you want to visit Budapest after your time in Belgrade, I cannot recommend getting the bus. The bus from Belgrade to Budapest was one of the worst journeys I’ve taken in Europe.

Fastest way: From Sarajevo to Belgrade by PLANE

view out of a plane window
View out of a very small plane from Sarajevo to Belgrade

The fastest way to get to Belgrade from Sarajevo is with direct flights from Sarajevo international airport to Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport.

The flight takes less than an hour, and the Belgrade Sarajevo flights are about €100 and the most popular airline is Air Serbia.

Don’t forget the additional cost of getting to the airport and getting to the city centre from the airport. All together you should still account for at least about 5 hours of travel time with getting to the airport and getting to the city centre after the flight.

Check the up to date flight prices right now:

We chose this option because it seemed the most convenient at the time for us. I think it was the shortest flight I ever took and to be honest I felt a bit bad taking a flight for such a short distance. But we did have a nice view of the Sava and Danube Rivers next to Belgrade.

You can get from Sarajevo old town to the airport by bus or taxi. The bus is by far the cheapest option to get to the Sarajevo airport but taking public transportation in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be a bit tricky.

Public transport is not shown on Google Maps and the bus stations are not that well signposted. So, in the end we went for some vegan food in Sarajevo and took a taxi from the restaurant to the airport.

By the way there are even more vegan restaurants in Belgrade than in Sarajevo.

A taxi from old town Sarajevo to the airport is about €15.

After Taxis were so cheap in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we decided to get the taxi from Belgrade airport to our apartment as well. We assumed there would be similar prices, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

The taxi from the airport to Belgrade cost us about €50. So, I would recommend trying to catch a bus from the airport to the city center.

Most interesting way: From Sarajevo to Belgrade by TOUR

I only found out about the most interesting way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade after we had already bought our plane ticket. You can do a one day tour from Sarajevo to Belgrade, see the best things of Eastern Bosnia and Western Serbia in small groups.

I really wish I would have taken this way of transportation since it’s not just the most interesting way but also the easiest way with Meeting-Point in old town Sarajevo and Hotel drop-of in Belgrade. So, I’d say it’s the best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade.

The travel durations of a tour is the longest of all ways to get to capital of Serbia but I think it’s still the best deal you can make to get from one place to the next and see many amazing places on the way. The full day tour ticket prices are about €150 which is the best price for the most interesting travel route.

🤩 Check Prices and Availability!

Final thoughts: How to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade

Road from Sarajevo to Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina has a beautiful countryside

Before knowing anything about the best routes from Sarajevo to Belgrade my first instinct would have been bus travel. I know a long-distance bus is not that fun but it’s more environment friendly than short distance air travel.

In the end I bought plane tickets after all because the bus timetables didn’t work that well for me. The price for getting to the Sarajevo international airport by taxi, flying to Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport and getting to the city center again by taxi added up and it cost almost €150 altogether.

If I’m ever again in those Balkan countries I would take a full day tour from Sarajevo to Belgrade. It’s cheaper than what I paid for the flight, you see more of the beautiful countryside and you get door-to-door transfers.

🤩 Check Prices and Availability!

Before leaving Sarajevo, make sure you did all the amazing things to do in Sarajevo. Then you can start exploring Belgrade.

FAQs about getting to Belgrade from Sarajevo

How do I get from Sarajevo to Serbia?

You can get from Sarajevo to Serbia by bus, by plane or by a full day tour.

Is there a train from Bosnia to Serbia?

No, there’s no train connections between Bosnia and Serbia.

Is Belgrade cheaper than Sarajevo?

In my opinion Sarajevo is cheaper than Belgrade, both accommodation and food wise.

Is there a train from Belgrade to Sarajevo?

No, there’s no Bosnia to Serbia train connection. Sou you can’t get a Sarajevo Belgrade train.

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Mosque in Sarajevo and Church in Belgrade, text over it says Sarajevo to Belgrade - Best Way
Best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade

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