plate of falafel, hummus, olives, salad, Turkish tea , all great vegan food Sarajevo

Best Vegan Food Sarajevo and Where to Find It (2023)

I won’t lie to you Bosnia and Herzegovina is not the best place for vegan food. It’s a beautiful country with amazing scenery, the second shortest coastline in the world and tragic history, which is worth visiting. In the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, there are so many things to do. And it’s also the best place for vegan food Sarajevo has some all-vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

If you venture outside of Sarajevo, for example on a trip to Mostar, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much vegan food-wise. You’ll be able to get some roasted vegetables with rice pretty much anywhere in the country but Sarajevo is the only city with all-vegan restaurants in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now, let’s get into it where you can find the best vegan food Sarajevo has to offer.

Things to know before going for vegan food in Sarajevo

Many vegan and vegetarian restaurants are outside the touristy area of town and do not have English menus. So you should download Bosnian to English in a translator app which can translate pictures. I just use Google Translate for that but I’m sure there are other apps that can do the same.

You could pay by card in every restaurant I went to but I’d still recommend having some cash with you especially if you want to leave a tip. By the way, tipping is not mandatory but the staff will appreciate it if you do.

The currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark (BAM) or short Convertible Mark (KM). 1 KM is about 0.51 Euro or 0.56 US dollars.

All vegan restaurants in Sarajevo

I just love going to all-vegan restaurants. You can order anything from the menu without checking if it’s really vegan, there’s no chance of a mix-up in the kitchen and you support a vegan business. And I love going to all-vegan restaurants even more when I’m in a country where a lot of people do not quite understand the concept of veganism. Good thing Sarajevo has 3 all-vegan restaurants.

Veganer FastVeganFood

As the name already says Veganer FastVeganFood is a vegan fast food place. It’s the closest vegan restaurant in Sarajevo to the popular, old town. The restaurant itself is tiny with just a few seats, most people just grab the vegan food to go or just order from there.

Vegan sub and potato wedges
Veganer FastVeganFood is best for take away

You can get all kinds of vegan fast food, like burgers, wraps, hot dogs, fries and so on. It’s the best vegan restaurant Sarajevo has to offer if you’re in the mood for a quick bite to eat.

Location: Čobanija 1, Sarajevo

Price: 6 – 9 BAM

Zelena Sredina

two drinks in front of a wall painting saying "The Future is Vegan"
Really cosy inside

Zelena Sredina has probably the best vegan food Sarajevo has to offer. It’s a small restaurant in a residential area with a big menu. They have a big selection of starters, mains, drinks and desserts. You can even order a whole cake there, in case you’re in the city longer and you have a party.

Falafel sandwich with tomatoes and spring rolls in the back
Unfortunately, we only had time to go to Zelena Sredina once

The only downside of this amazing vegan restaurant in Sarajevo is the location. From the old town Sarajevo, it’s about half an hour’s walk and there’s nothing else to do in the area.

Location: Husrefa Redžića 11

Price: 6 – 10 BAM

Bistro Zdravo

two sandwiches with drinks in the back
Small bites with drinks in a nice atmosphere

Bistro Zdravo is the hippest vegan restaurant Sarajevo has to offer. It’s a very modern, spacious restaurant with some fancy dishes on the menu. They serve soups, starters, mains and fruity bowls. There are also some desserts you can have a look at at the counter and there’s a small shop inside the restaurant.

bread in spread with greens on top
Starters at Zdravo with their homemade cheese which tastes like hummus

We only tried some starters and snacks which were already quite filling. The food is delicious and healthy. It’s definitely the best choice for healthy vegan food in Sarajevo.

Location: PC Unipromet, Marka Marulića 2

Price: 7.50 – 12 BAM for a main

Vegetarian restaurants in Sarajevo

Being vegetarian in Sarajevo is definitely easier than being vegan. Most restaurants have vegetarian options on their menu. There are also two fully vegetarian restaurants in Sarajevo. Let’s jump into vegetarian Sarajevo.

Falafel restoran

Falafel restoran doesn’t have the most creative name but you immediately know what you’re gonna get. They have everything with falafel, falafel plates, wraps and burgers. The best part is that it’s in the middle of old town Sarajevo and that it’s bigger than it looks with its upstairs seating area.

plate of falafel, hummus, olives, salad, Turkish tea , all great vegan food Sarajevo
Sharing plate for two

During our two weeks in Sarajevo we went to Falafel restoran many times, because it was closest to our apartment and they have really cheap good falafel. There was nothing we had we didn’t like. Just make sure to ask if the dish is vegan if you’re not sure.

Location: Đulagina Čikma 2 Đulagina Čikma 2

Price: 4 – 10 BAM


Kašahana is a vegetarian restaurant in Sarajevo which focuses on porridge, and toasts. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it for vegans at all. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been in a vegetarian restaurant with fewer vegan options. All porridge bowls have honey in by default and it’s not possible to leave it out. They would have had a hummus toast which sounded vegan but when we got there they didn’t have any toasts on that day. So, we left without having anything.

Online it has great reviews, so it’s probably a good place for vegetarians in Sarajevo, just not for vegans.

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