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7 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants Belgrade

Serbian food is not known for being very vegan-friendly but if you find yourself spending some time in Serbia’s capital to explore everything the city has to offer you’ll definitely find enough delicious vegan food. During our stay, we visited almost all the vegan restaurants Belgrade has to offer and some more vegetarian ones.

We found all the restaurants on HappyCow, my favourite app for finding vegetarian and vegan restaurants all around the world.

In case you’re not in Belgrade yet and you’re looking into how to get there and how to get to the next place afterwards, I got you covered. I found the best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade and the worst way to get from Belgrade to Budapest (so you can avoid it).

Graffiti of a cow with text "GO VEGAN"
Graffiti in Belgrade

Best vegan restaurants Belgrade

During our stay in Serbia’s capital, we managed to visit all the vegan restaurants Belgrade has to offer except two, one would have been too complicated to get to and the other one didn’t sound very appealing to us.


VegANGELov is probably my favourite one of all vegan restaurants Belgrade has to offer. We went there twice and were never disappointed. My favourite dish was a special of the day, I hope they incorporate it into the usual menu since it was so good. It was a salad with grilled wild mushrooms and a polenta patty.

vegan pasta and a salad
Pasta Napolitana and a special dish of the day

The Neapolitan pasta was really delicious as well, the ramen was nice but a bit unusual since it came in the soup of the day.

Zdravo Ljubavi

Zdravo Ljubavi is a raw vegan restaurant in Belgrade with the best hot chocolate. They only use natural ingredients for their cacao and you can have it either warm or cold. The flavour of the cacao is really rich and it tastes like natural chocolate and I really liked that you can choose a flavour. I went for rose and you could actually see some small rose pedals in the hot chocolate.

two cups of vegan hot chocolate in mugs with a heart on it
Best hot chocolate

We also tried the sharing plate for two which is a great option if you can’t decide on what to get since you get to try a bit of everything. My favourite dish was the zucchini noodles, they tasted super fresh and minty.

a plate of raw vegan food
Sharing plate for two

AHIMSA vege-yoga

AHIMSA vege-yoga is tucked away behind a bar, there are a few tables but it is more meant for take-away. We ate in and they didn’t have any glasses because they said people usually just get take-away.

Just because you can do yoga there as well, doesn’t mean you only get healthy vegan food. Quite the contrary, I would classify AHIMSA vege-yoga as a vegan fast food place.

Vegan burrito and vegan sandwich

They sell mainly burgers and burritos. But you can also get vegan Ćevapčići there. Ćevapčići or just Ćevapi are traditional sausages from the Balkans and AHIMSA vege-yoga is the only one of the vegan restaurants Belgrade has which sells a vegan version of the sausages.

Bio-Vita Veganski Kiosk

Bio-Vita Veganski Kiosk is a small vegan kiosk just off the famous Kneza Mihaila Street, the most popular shopping street in Belgrade. The kiosk is very tiny, the food selection is quite limited and you can not eat in. So, we got some food to go and sat down on one of the benches in Kneza Mihaila and listened to some street musicians while eating our food. A great way to spend some time in Belgrade.

A bottle of kombucha, a wrapped wrap and lasagna in a plastic container
Pre-packed vegan food to go

The food from the kiosk was good but it would have been better fresh and warm. We had lasagne and a wrap. The seitan inside the wrap was super tasty but the wrap itself was already a bit soggy. The lasagne tasted also very good but I realised cold lasagne is just not my thing. Instead of pasta, the lasagne had a kind of dough layer.

Best vegan dessert places in Belgrade

There are not just some all vegan restaurants Belgrade also has some all vegan dessert places. You can, of course, also get some desserts in the vegan restaurants in Belgrade but it’s always nice to have the option to go to a vegan dessert place for a drink and a cake.

There are two vegan dessert places in Belgrade and both of them are sugar-free, one is even a raw dessert place.

Ćao Šećeru!

Ćao Šećeru! is a cute little sugar-free bakery near Kalemegdan Park, which is one of the main attractions in Belgrade. You can either sit inside or outside. And despite it being sugar-free you’ll get your craving for something sweet satisfied.

two vegan cupcakes on two plates
The banana cupcake was my favourite one

The most popular item on their menu is the pancakes, you can choose from many different toppings. And the pancakes were delicious but my favourite item we tried was the cupcakes. Usually, I don’t like cupcakes because of the too rich, buttery cream on top. At Ćao Šećeru! they use banana cream which is simply delicious.


Rock’n’Raw sells “raw vegan food that rocks” according to their own webpage. I really liked the design of the small shop, unfortunately, there’s no space to sit in.

A raw vegan doughnut and chocolate bar
Raw vegan desserts

Rock’n’Raw is the perfect place in Belgrade if you love raw desserts. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of them, I prefer puffed pastries but the desserts were good considering they were raw.

Best vegetarian restaurants Belgrade

Usually, I prefer to go to all vegan restaurants Belgrade was no exception but I visited two amazing vegetarian restaurants as well. And I have to say my favourite restaurant for vegan food is a vegetarian restaurant!

Those are by far not the only vegetarian restaurants Belgrade has to offer. I just went to them because they have good reviews online and they were in a convenient location for me.

Rai Urban Vege

A woman holding a bowl of food with more food on the table at one of the best vegan restaurants Belgrade has to offer
My favourite place for vegan food in Belgrade

The first time we went to Rai Urban Vege it was mainly because it was the closest vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Belgrade to our apartment. And it was so good, we went back a few times during our stay in Serbia’s capital.

It is a little bit difficult to find since it’s in a backyard and there are no signs out front. So, you need to look closely at the map where you have to go.

The interior design suggests that it is a vegan restaurant in Belgrade since it got SEXY VEGAN written on the wall, but it’s a vegetarian restaurant. Most items on the menu are vegan however, just a few are vegetarian. Everything is clearly labelled, which is always a positive point.

They serve everything from fresh summer rolls to burgers and bowls and even quite a few very delicious vegan desserts.

Kokos Bistro

Kokos Bistro is conveniently located near Republic Square. It’s a vegetarian restaurant with clearly labelled vegan items on the menu. There’s a small outdoor sitting area, an indoor sitting area and a covered terrace area. We went there twice and had some burgers, a pad thai and an oyster mushroom-cheese-tortilla tower.

oyster mushroom tortilla tower, a burger and vegan halloumi
The vegan halloumi starter was my favourite dish

The oyster mushroom-cheese-tortilla tower was cool because it was something different from what you usually get in a restaurant but it was a bit difficult to eat and the oyster mushrooms could have been seasoned better.

My favourite dish at Kokos Bistro was the vegan halloumi with tomatoes, it was so good and you don’t get vegan halloumi that often.

The best burger in Belgrade turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, but maybe it was just that the name sets the expectations too high. Either way, the Mediterranean burger was way better in my opinion.

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