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Unforgettable Day Trip to Mostar from Sarajevo (2023)

Sarajevo is the biggest and the most visited city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it’s also the country’s capital. And after you’ve done all the best things in Sarajevo you might look into doing a day trip. On a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo you get to see Bosnia’s second most visited city, Mostar, along with some of the amazing countryside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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In April 2023 I did a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo with a Meet Bosnia Tours. (The link will bring you to Viator, the tour operator is still Meet Bosnia Tours, it’s cheaper when you book through Viator) I’ll go into the reason why I chose to do a guided tour a bit further down.

How to get from Sarajevo to Mostar

Road from Sarajevo to Mostar
It’s a beautiful drive from Sarajevo to Mostar

There are multiple ways to get from Sarajevo to Mostar. You can get there by bus, train, rental car or tour. It really depends on where your focus for this Mostar day trip is and what you’re most comfortable with.

My recommendation: Sarajevo – Tour to Mostar, Blagaj, Počitelj & Kravice Falls

From Sarajevo to Mostar by rental car

The best way to explore the area around Sarajevo and Mostar at your own pace is with a rental car. You can stop wherever and for however long you want. That being said, in my opinion, some car drivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina drive a bit crazy. So, be prepared for a lot of beeping on the roads.

From Sarajevo to Mostar by train

The train ride from Sarajevo to Mostar takes about 2 hours and a return ticket costs about 23 KM (about €12). You can check the train times on the railway webpage. The train journey is supposed to be really beautiful, you’ll see some amazing scenery out of the train windows.

Going from Sarajevo to Mostar by train is probably the best option for you if your main focus of the day trip from Sarajevo is Mostar itself and just passing by the beautiful countryside is enough nature for you.

From Sarajevo to Mostar by bus

You can also catch a bus from Sarajevo to Mostar and back. The bus takes about two and a half hours from Sarajevo to Mostar. The prices vary depending on the bus company, they’re roughly between €10 and €15.

From Sarajevo to Mostar by tour

There are multiple tour companies offering day trips from Sarajevo to Mostar, like Viator to name just one big one. This is also the company I did my tour with.

The advantage of taking a tour to Mostar is that you’ll see more of the countryside with stops at the main attractions. And that you have a local guide with you who’ll tell you interesting facts about the country and its history.

Why I did a tour from Sarajevo to Mostar

My trip to Sarajevo was the first time I visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, so I wanted to make the most out of my day trip. So, I decided to do a tour from Sarajevo to Mostar to see more of Herzegovina’s beautiful countryside and not just Mostar. And since I was on my own I didn’t want to rent a car.

woman in front of old bridge
The tour guide can take a picture of you when you travel on your own

In general, I really like doing day trip tours because it’s such a great way to see the best places in an area in one day without having to rent a car myself.

Now I want to tell you about the incredible day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo I did.

Reasons for taking a tour:

  • Get the most out of a full-day excursion
  • See all the top attractions in the heartland of Herzegovina
  • Knowledgable local tour guide
  • Good value for money

Stops along the way from Sarajevo to Mostar

There are a few short stops that vary depending on what tour you take or they might even switch them up as they try to improve the tour to Mostar. But the following 4 sights are the highlight of any tour from Sarajevo to Mostar and should not be missed.

Konjic Bridge

The first stop of the day will be Konjic Bridge or Stara Ćuprija. The town of Konjic is one of the oldest permanent settlements in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today Konjic is known for its woodcarving and that it’s the home of Tito’s bunker. Armijska Ratna Komanda D-0 is the official name of the nuclear bunker from the Cold War era and it can be visited with a tour.

bridge with snowy mountains in the back
Konjic Bridge is a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Konjic Bridge is one of the best preserved Ottoman bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a National Monument of the country. It was first constructed in the 17th century. During World War II, the bridge got destroyed and was only temporarily fixed afterwards. The final reconstruction only finished in 2009.

Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice waterfalls
Stunning waterfalls

The next stop is Kravice Waterfalls, the perfect place for all nature lovers. The waterfalls are 28 meters high and 120 meters wide. They’re south of Mostar, close to the Croatian border. Kravica Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

feet in front of a lake with waterfalls
In summer you can even swim in the lake!

Kravice Falls look absolutely stunning and the best part is that you can even go for a swim! When I visited in April, it was still too cold for that. But I imagine that’s a great thing to do if you do the day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo in summer.

Medieval stone village Počitelj

view of medieval village
See the historic influences in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The small town of Počitelj is almost like an open-air museum. You can see the history of Bosnia & Herzegovina in the architecture of this village. The three most iconic buildings in Počitelj are from the three main historic periods of historic Bosnia and Herzegovina. When you stand in the town square you can see three towers. To the left you can see a tower from the time of the Kingdom of Bosnia, in the middle the minaret and the mosque of the Ottoman Empire and to the right a tower from the Austrian Hungarian Empire.

You can go for a stroll through the historic village during a short visit or buy some fruits or nuts from local vendors on your day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo.

Dervish house in Blagaj

Coming from Sarajevo you actually have to go past Mostar to reach Blagaj. The village Blagaj is known for the spring of the Buna River and the old Dervish monastery right next to it.

spring and house next to a big cliff
Amazing view of the springs next to a Dervish house

The Buna River Springs, or Vrelo Bune, is one of the largest springs in Europe and is known for its extremely cold and clean water. However, you can’t actually see the spring as it’s underground in a cave. You can just see the water coming out of the cave. The cave is also home to many birds, which you can see flying into the cave all the time.

Dervish house next to a spring
The Dervish house is a museum now

Right next to the Buna River spring is a Dervish house called Blagaj Tekke. Today the Dervish house is a museum but three times a week it’s still a venue for the Dervish praise-chanting. Dervish is a form of Sufism, a mystic form of Islam.

The location of Blagaj Tekke is quite dangerous under a 240-meter-high cliff. Throughout the years the building was damaged multiple times by falling rocks.

Things to do in Mostar

During a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo you won’t have that much time to explore everything Mostar has to offer. But it’s enough time to visit the best things in the old town of Mostar. The old town and the famous old bridge area are a UNESCO world heritage site.

Stari Most

Mostar old bridge, it's the main attraction of any day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo
Most beautiful bridge in Mostar

The most famous sight in Mostar is Stari Most, also known as Mostar Bridge. Stari Most is a reconstruction of the 16th-century Ottoman bridge. The original bridge collapsed in 1993 during the Bosnian War.

Stari Most was reopened in 2004 and it looks the same as the old stone bridge used to look. Today the bridge is the biggest tourist attraction in Mostar. Besides the stunning architecture of the famous old bridge, it’s also known for divers. Stari Most Divers is a local group of professionals who jump from the 18-meter-high bridge into the Neretva River. According to our tour guide tourists used to jump as well but since a few people died doing this jump, it’s forbidden now for non-professionals to jump from the bridge.

Stalls selling colourful cloths and other items
The streets next to Stari Most are very popular for tourists

The perfect spot for a great view of the famous bridge is from the banks of the Neretva River. After you enjoyed the view from the river banks walk over Crooked Bridge, another beautiful Mostar bridge, to get to the top of Stari Most. Then you can cross Mostar’s famous bridge and have a look at the many souvenir shops next to the bridge.

Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

mosque with fountain in the front
It’s worth going inside the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque is a great example of Ottoman architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For about €7 you can visit the mosque and the minaret. This was the first time for me to walk to the top of a minaret and it was so worth it.

view of old bridge
View from the minaret

From the top, you have an incredible view of Stari Most and the whole city of Mostar. The staircase is very narrow and steep but there are not many people. When I visited, I was the only person inside the mosque and in the minaret.

Is a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo worth it?

view of a town
Old town of Mostar

Once you’ve done the best things in Sarajevo and you’re looking for the best day trips you’re bound to stumble upon Mostar. That’s how I found this Mostar day trip. But now, to the question is a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo worth it?

Yes, I think a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo is worth it. On this full-day tour, you don’t just get to see the beautiful old town of Mostar but also visit the amazing countryside, which would be very difficult with public transportation. An organised tour is the easiest way to see all of that in one day and also learn about the unique history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Book your unforgettable tour now: Sarajevo – Tour to Mostar, Blagaj, Počitelj & Kravice Falls

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