woman sitting on a bench on a pier; visiting the pier is one of the great things to do on a day trip to Blackpool

Things to do on a Day Trip to Blackpool in 2023

Blackpool is a seaside town in Lancashire and it makes for a great day trip if you’re in North England. The town has a rich history and there are many things you can do on a day trip to Blackpool.

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Best time for visiting Blackpool

The best time for visiting Blackpool weather-wise would be July or August. That way you can enjoy a sunny warm day in the seaside town. However, summer is also the busiest time of the year. Many families do a day trip to Blackpool with their kids in the summer holidays.

That’s why the overall best time to visit is early September. At the beginning of September, the weather should still be pleasant, and the summer holidays are over which means fewer people. And most importantly of all you get to see the Blackpool Illuminations if you stay long enough in the evening. According to the Blackpool webpage, Blackpool Illuminations is the “greatest free light show on Earth”.

Visiting Blackpool in early September is perfect in case you have more time to explore the United Kingdom. So, you can spend some time in London before heading up north. There are so many amazing things to do in London in August.

How to get to Blackpool

The best way to get to Blackpool in my opinion is by train. You can get a fast Avanti train to Preston and from there you can catch a train to almost every bigger town in the UK. From the train station, you can easily walk to the promenade.

You can also do a day trip to Blackpool by car. Blackpool has multiple car parks in town and just outside.

The third way to get to Blackpool is by coach. The National Express Coach runs multiple times a day from Preston to Blackpool and back. And from Preston, you can catch another bus or train to wherever you want to go.

Things to do in Blackpool

On a day trip to Blackpool, you can have everything, from a relaxed time on the beach, discovering the rich history of the seaside town to having fun in the arcades and a theme park.

If you’re only visiting Blackpool on a day trip, you won’t have time to see all the attractions I’m gonna list now. I just want to give you many options, so you can pick the Blackpool attractions that speak to you the most so you have an unforgettable, short Blackpool holiday.

Visit Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower is the town’s most iconic landmark and the most popular Blackpool attraction. When its construction finished in 1894 it was the tallest man-made structure in the British Empire. The 158-meter-high tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

tower a bit back with newspaper writing on the ground in the front of the picture
Blackpool Tower is bigger than it looks at first glance

Today you can marvel at the Blackpool Tower from the promenade or you can go inside and choose from one of the Blackpool attractions which are housed in the tower. You can also find the ticket prices on the linked webpage.

Blackpool Tower Eye

You can go up to the top of the iconic tower to the Blackpool Tower Eye, from where you get the most amazing views of the Irish Sea and the town itself. The view from the Blackpool Tower Eye is truly unique since can’t just look out the windows but you’re also walking on a glass floor. So you can see the town literally below you.

Blackpool Tower Circus

As the name says Blackpool Tower Circus is a circus inside Blackpool Tower. It’s Blackpool’s longest-running show. You can see everything from Clowns to Acrobats.

Book your ticket now for the Blackpool Tower Circus!

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is a ballroom from the 19th century. You can marvel at the pompous ballroom or even dance under the Ballroom’s beautifully decorated ceiling to the music of the famous Wurlitzer organ.

They also serve afternoon tea in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, but unfortunately, they don’t have vegan afternoon tea.

Book your Blackpool Tower experience now:

Blackpool Tower Dungeon

If you want to learn about the dark history on your Blackpool day trip the Dungeon is the perfect place to do so. Hear educational stories in a fun atmosphere surrounded by special effects. There’s even a drop ride inside.

In all honesty, there are Dungeons in a lot of cities nowadays and to be honest the dark history of every town sounds pretty similar. So, if you’ve been to another Dungeon before, it’s not worth spending your limited time there on your day trip to Blackpool. Unless you’re a huge Dungeons fan of course.

Go for a stroll on the promenade

One of the best things to do in Blackpool is to go for a stroll on the promenade along the seafront. The promenade is lined with amusement parks, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Seagull sitting on a railing with Ferris wheel in the back
Amazing views on a promenade walk

The best way to explore Blackpool is to stroll down the promenade from the North Pier to the South Pier. Near the South Pier, you can find one of the UK’s most visited theme parks, the “Pleasure Beach”. After exploring the amusement park you can take a tram ride back to the North Pier near the Blackpool Tower. You’ll get some amazing views and might even see some street performers.

Get an adrenaline rush at the “Pleasure Beach”

Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the South Shore is one of the most famous amusement parks in North England. Its most famous attraction is “The Big One” roller coaster. The Big One was the world’s tallest and steepest roller coaster when it first opened in 1994. Today it’s a great attraction to thrill-seekers. Just walking on the promenade, you can hear people screaming from the fast roller coaster.

entrance to Pleasure Beach Amusement Park
Entrance to Pleasure Beach amusement park

Today, The Big One is just one amongst many other roller coasters. Besides numerous rides, there are also many live shows and events in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. So, you might want to check the event schedule before your day trip to Blackpool.

Explore the Blackpool Piers

Blackpool has three piers, North Pier, Central Pier and South Pier. The distance between North Pier and South Pier is about 2.6 km (1.6 miles). On a sunny day, walking between the two piers is a great way to take in Blackpool and see all the historic houses along the way. You can also find amusement arcades, rides and food vendors on each pier.

woman sitting on a bench on a pier; visiting the pier is one of the great things to do on a day trip to Blackpool
Get transported back to Victorian times

The good thing about walking from North to South is that you can stop whenever you want, there are a lot of Blackpool attractions on the way, Madame Tussauds is just one example.

North Pier is the oldest and most historic pier in Blackpool. And even today you can still see its Victorian charm. When you walk on the pier it almost feels like you’ve been transported back in time.

Central Pier was just built 5 years after North Pier in 1868. It’s most known for its range of attractions, like the Ferris wheel or an arcade.

South Pier is home to the South Pier Roller Coaster, among other rides. The newest of the three piers is dedicated to being a great place for families.

Sandcastle Waterpark

Sandcastle Waterpark is the UK’s largest indoor waterpark with more than 18 slides. So, if you love waterparks Blackpool is a great destination for you. Because of the sheer size of the waterpark, you can easily spend the whole day in the Sandcastle Waterpark.

Play some games at the arcade

The arcades are the best places to hide in case it starts raining. For a few pounds, you can let out your inner child and fun, great time.

The first time I saw an arcade from the inside was only in 2019 in Brighton. It started to rain and we had the best time in the arcade. So, if it rains or if you’ve never been in an arcade you should definitely try it out.

See the Blackpool illuminations

In case you’re lucky enough to be in Blackpool between September and January you can marvel at the world-famous illuminations in Blackpool. The promenade is the home of an incredible light show. It’s the “greatest free light show on Earth” according to visitblackpool.

Where to go next

A great place to go after spending a fun day in Blackpool is the Lake District, a beautiful region in the Northwest of England known for its mountains and lakes. The best way to explore the scenic Lake District is by doing a road trip.

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