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Which Ticket To Get When Visiting Casa Battló

Have you decided to visit Casa Battló and are not sure which tickets to get? Let me help you out. I’ll describe the different options and tell you if it’s worth it to go for a more expensive one. 

One piece of advice right up front, whatever ticket you end up buying, do it online. If you buy it at Casa Battló itself, it’s €4 more expensive per person. You can even stand in front of the building and buy the ticket online with your phone if they have an open time slot. At high season it’s recommended to buy the ticket days in advance though. 

Casa Battló Rooftop
The roof of Casa Battló

Ticket Options 

You have three different ticket options if you decide to visit Casa Battló (not counting special time of day tickets, like early morning or night tickets). 

Ticket Options at Casa Battló
Official Webpage of Casa Battló

Looking at the list of things included, I went for the Silver Ticket, since it seemed to include so much more than the Blue Ticket. I didn’t go for the Gold one because the only addition to see would have been the “Private residence of the Battlós”. You can find pictures of it online, and I decided I don’t have to see that in real life. It just looks like an old furnitured living room and not that unique like Gaudi‘s work usually is in my (non-professional) opinion. The other bonus of the Gold Ticket is that you can skip the queue, but I visited in early October so there was no queue anyway. 

Is It Worth Going For The Silver Tickets At Casa Battló?

In my opinion: No.

“Gaudi Dome” is just one darkish room in the cellar, which contains the figure of Gaudi leaning over his desk. The whole room is the canvas of a light show. You stand on a conveyer belt circling Gaudi. 

“Gaudi Dome”

The concierge‘s room is tiny and you can only look at it through a glass wall. So I didn’t find it that spectacular.

The “Virtual Reality Tablet” mainly shows you how the rooms looked with furniture. In my opinion, the furniture looks like bad CGI. It doesn’t recognise what you’re looking at and transform accordingly. You have to stand in a specific spot to be able to hold the tablet and see there what you see in real life.
Sometimes the tablet also shows you which elements were inspired by nature. And when, for example, a window is inspired by the look of a turtle, you would see the window transform into a turtle. So far so good but then, they go to far in my opinion and let the turtle fly through the room. Which I found a bit strange.
So I could have easily done it with the normal audio guide instead of the tablet. 

What Not To Miss

I didn’t know that there was a small café on the rooftop. That’s a great way to rest a bit and enjoy the view. So take your time, and don’t make plans too close after your visit. I spent almost two hours in the house (which included having a drink).

Roof Terrace in Casa Battló
I enjoyed a glass of peach juice on the rooftop

The 360-degree room is at the very end after you hand in your audio guides. You might have to wait a few minutes until you can enter the room and watch the short video. It has almost nothing to do with Gaudi but it looks very cool, and since you already paid a lot of money for entrance you might as well get everything out of it. 

Like I said at the beginning, don’t forget to buy your ticket online, you’ll be able to save a few euros. Here is a link to the official homepage of Casa Battló

One last tip: If you don’t want to hold the audio guide to your ear all the time, bring your own headphones. They’re not included in the Blue Ticket. In the Silver and Gold Ticket, there are over-ear headphones included.

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