Wellington vegan restaurants

The Best 2 Wellington Vegan Restaurants Which are Open on Sundays

Wellington is a great place for being vegan in New Zealand… during the week. Before going to New Zealand’s capital I saw on HappyCow that there are 8 fully vegan restaurants in Wellington and I was already so excited to try as many as possible. But as it turns out many Wellington vegan restaurants are closed on Sundays and as it happened I was in Wellington on a Sunday.

Comfort food at Sweet Release

Sweet Release is the perfect place for a vegan Sunday brunch. This Wellington vegan restaurant might not look like much from the outside, I mean it looks tiny from the outside but they have a big dining room in the back. They have a selection of vegan comfort food on the menu or you can get a pre-made wrap. And as the name indicates, they also have a selection of sweet treats. You can even pre-order a whole cake for a party.

Vegan full English breakfast
Vegan full English breakfast

For brunch, I went with a vegan full English breakfast and a matcha latte. And then I also got a wrap to go as a snack for the next day. If you’re in a vegan restaurant in New Zealand you need to take full advantage of it because it’ll probably be a while until you come to the next (except you only visit the big cities).

The vegan eggs on the English breakfast looked very fun but to be honest they looked more exciting than they tasted. They tasted mainly like fat. And I realised too late that I should have asked for a slice of bread with breakfast.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try any of their cakes since I was just too full after breakfast.

Vegan Italian Nolita

Nolita is an amazing vegan Italian restaurant on the popular Cuba street, the city’s cultural heart. This is my favourite of the Wellington vegan restaurants. Okay, admittedly I didn’t get the chance to go to that many but Nolita’s was really good. The atmosphere is very chick and inviting.

Wellington vegan restaurants Nolita
Vegan pizza at Nolita’s

I love Italian food and when I went to Nolita’s I hadn’t had pizza in a while so went with pizza. The dough was super crispy on the edges and their vegan cheese was really good. And even though I’m not the biggest fan of aubergine, I really enjoyed my pizza. with aubergine and fresh basil.

Besides good food, I had a delicious chia drink. The drink was from Chia Sisters, a New Zealand-based chia beverage company. I loved the drink so much that I bought it every time I saw it in a supermarket on the South Island in New Zealand.

Wellington vegan restaurants

I was a bit disappointed that so many Wellington vegan restaurants are closed on Sundays or at least on the Sunday I visited. But I didn’t even spend one full day in New Zealand’s capital so I wouldn’t have had time to go to more Wellington vegan restaurants anyway. And in the end, I was glad to be able to go to an all-vegan restaurant at all, since I hadn’t been to one since going for vegan food in Auckland.

So if you’re in Wellington on a Sunday you can check out those two Wellington vegan restaurants and do some sightseeing in between. The most popular thing to do in Wellington is probably the Te Papa museum, a free museum in which you can learn everything about the history of New Zealand. Visiting the museum is a great thing to do on the North Island of New Zealand when it rains.

two vegan meals in Wellington

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