Vegan restaurants in Vienna

The 14 Best All-Vegan Restaurants in Vienna

Vienna is by far the best place to be a vegan in Austria. You can find vegan options in most restaurants but the best thing is that there are also numerous all-vegan restaurants in Vienna.

I’ve been to Vienna countless times since I’m from Austria and I’ve lived here most of my life. But I have to admit it took quite some time to explore all the vegan restaurants in Vienna since I just kept going to the same restaurants on every trip to Vienna. I learned it’s definitely worth checking out different vegan restaurants because I’ve found some new favourite places.

There are even more all-vegan restaurants in Vienna I didn’t have the chance to visit yet. Hopefully, I can visit them on my next trip to Vienna and then I’ll add them to this post.

In case you visit Vienna in winter, you can even find vegan food at the best Christmas markets in Vienna.

Austrian Food

I believe there are more vegan restaurants in Vienna which serve traditional Austrian food but I found my favourite one and just kept going back to it every time I was in the mood for traditional Austrian food.


Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad and Gulasch at Velani, best vegan restaurants in Vienna
Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad and Gulasch

Velani is my favourite restaurant for traditional Austrian food, which is generally not very vegan-friendly but at Velani’s they managed to perfect vegan versions of the traditional dishes. I and my friends were so impressed with their traditional soups, mains and desserts that we used to go to Velani every time we went to Vienna.

They have internationally famous Austrian dishes like “Wiener Schnitzel” (in breadcrumbs coated fried meat) and “Sachertorte” (chocolate cake with jam in the middle). But you can also try lesser-known Austrian dishes like “Kaspressknödelsuppe” (a soup with cheese dumplings).

One small side note for all the Sound of Music fans out there, you definitely do not eat Schnitzel with Noodles! You eat Schnitzel with potato salad. As a sauce, you get cranberry jam with your Schnitzel and you can squeeze a slice of lemon over it.

Vegan Fast Food

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for fast food and Vienna got you covered. You can choose from multiple all-vegan fast food restaurants. The highlight of vegan fast food in Vienna is definitely Swing Kitchen, Austria’s own vegan fast food chain.

Swing Kitchen

You can find the best vegan burgers in Austria in Swing Kitchen. This Austrian company has multiple locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. All the locations are decorated in a 60s American-style diner look and they use compostable plastic.

Over the years I’ve been to Swing Kitchen A LOT. My favourite burger is the traditional Swing Burger or the Chicago Edgy if I’m not that hungry. They’re both with their traditional vegan meat patty. You can get the burger on its own or in a menu with fries and a drink. The fries can be swapped for sweet potato fries or a salad for a small surcharge.

Since it’s an Austrian company you can also choose a burger with a Schnitzel inside, the traditional Austrian in breadcrumbs coated fried meat. They use a vegan Schnitzel, of course.

Swing kitchen dessert
Don’t skip the delicious desserts

Even though Swing Kitchen is known for its burgers, it’s worth saving room for dessert. My favourite one is Tiramisu, but the other options chocolate-nougat-cake and cheesecake are also delicious.


Tolstoy is a fast-food restaurant in Vienna, where you can order everything from the machine. You can choose between bowls, sandwiches and pizza. My favourite item from the whole menu is vegan milkshakes. If you want to try an Austrian-style vegan milkshake I recommend the Manner. It’s the flavour of the vegan-by-default Austrian hazelnut wafers “Manner Schnitten”.

Outside the restaurant are a few all-vegan vending machines with snacks and drinks but also some kitchen stables. This is great if you forgot to buy something since shops close early in Austria and are closed altogether on Sundays.

All-Vegan Burger King

Usually, I don’t go to Burger King and other fast food chains like that, but there’s an all-vegan Burger King in Vienna so I had to check it out. The all-vegan Burger King is located in a tube station and even though it’s painted completely green it seems that not everyone got the memo that it’s an all-vegan restaurant. While I spent time deciding what to get, I saw a person storming off after the staff member told them they only serve vegan food.

All-vegan Burger King
100% vegan Burger King in Vienna

It’s the perfect place for all the vegans out there who miss Burger King food but don’t want to eat at Burger King because they use the same grill for meat and plant-based patties. The food was just like I remember Burger King food, but I realised that I’m not a fan of cheap fast food any more.

Asian Food

I love Asian food as long as it’s not spicy and it doesn’t have coriander ;). Especially my intolerance for spicy food rules out some Asian cuisines, like Indian food. So I have no idea if there are Indian vegan restaurants in Vienna but I know there are some other super delicious Asian all-vegan restaurants in Vienna.


Vevi is the best vegan Vietnamese restaurant and one of the best vegan restaurants in Vienna. It’s one of those places where it took me quite a while until I tried it for the first time and now I want to go back every time I’m in Vienna.

There are two locations, so far I’ve only been to the one in Stollgasse. It’s a very popular restaurant, so if you want to go there for dinner I recommend you book a table before your visit.

Mixed starter plate at Vevi
Mixed starter plate at Vevi

If you go to Vevi with some friends I recommend getting the starter plate to share before your main. I love starters but I’m very indecisive so the starter plate with different options is perfect for me. But I wouldn’t be able to finish it on my own or rather I could but then I’d be too full for my main which would be a shame because they have delicious mains as well.

Vevi vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Vienna
Fancy drinks at Vevi

I’ve never had desserts at Vevi yet because I’m always too full for dessert after a starter and a main. Instead of dessert, I like to get a delicious drink, a smoothie or bubble tea.


At Tau you can find everything from a typical Chinese restaurant on the menu, well the vegan versions of course. We had crispy chicken and dumplings as a starter and crispy duck with fried rice and udon noodles with tofu and vegetables as a main. Everything was really delicious and a big portion size.

Crispy duck with fried rice

The only downside to Tau is the location, it’s quite far from the city centre and even from the nearest underground stop it’s still a bit of a walk. But since it’s so far outside the city centre it got a really big nice looking garden. We visited in winter and sat inside but I imagine it would be lovely sitting outside in summer.

Tokyo Boom

Tokyo Boom
Super colourful interior at Tokyo Boom

Tokyo Boom is definitely the quirkiest place we went to in Vienna. The decor of this vegan Japanese restaurant looks right out of a manga. Everything is super colourful and you can find very unusual art pieces. You order at the counter from a small menu. I, personally, was a bit underwhelmed with the food but my partner liked his option.


There are many vegan restaurants in Vienna where you can sit down to enjoy your meal. But there are also a lot of small vegan restaurants in Vienna where you can grab a small bite to eat. All of those places have a very small indoor seating area where you can enjoy your snack or you can get them to go.

Pizzis and Cream

Pizzis and Cream is the first vegan New York-style pizza restaurant in Vienna. You can get a slice of pizza to go! Well, you can also get a whole pizza and sit in but then it’s not so New York-style anymore. If you like they brush the pizza crust with some garlic oil which will make your fingers super greasy but it’s so good. Besides pizza you can also get some ice cream, I’ve not tried it yet though.

Eh Wurst

Eh Wurst in Vienna
Vegan hot dog with wasabi from Eh Wurst

The name Eh Wurst is a pun and innuendo about what they sell. Wurst means sausage in English and “Eh Wurst” is slang for “it doesn’t matter”. They have different kinds of vegan hot dogs on the menu and they use mainly organic and local ingredients.

The difficulty is deciding which hot dog to choose. We had the BBQ hot dog with tofu sausage, roasted onion, bbq sauce and wasabi. It’s a perfect snack to go.

Superfood Deli

If you’re looking for a healthy snack or breakfast Superfood Deli is the perfect place to go. You can choose between multiple açai and smoothie bowls, porridge or smoothies.

Superfood Deli in Vienna
Breakfast at Superfood Deli

They have multiple locations, I’ve only been to the one at Raimundhof. This outlet is quite small but the location is right next to the big shopping street “Mariahilfer Straße”. So if you’re strolling down Mariahilfer Straße you can get a delicious smoothie or bowl from one of the many vegan restaurants in Vienna.

Pepper & Ginny

Pepper & Ginny is located near the famous Stephansdom and it’s the perfect place for a fancy snack. They specialise in vegan delicacies like carrot lox, camembert or prosciutto. If you prefer more down-to-earth snacks they also have a vegan grilled cheese sandwich on the menu.

Pepper & Ginny
Super delicious carrot lox at Pepper & Ginny’s

You can get their delicacies beautifully decorated on a slice of bread to eat there. Or you can have a look at their little shop and get something for later.

The La La

The LaLa
Cinnamon bun and cookie at The LaLa

The LaLa is a good option if you want to sit down while you have your afternoon snack in Vienna. They have savoury and sweet dishes and it’s a nice atmosphere inside. There are two locations in the Vienna city centre and even one at Vienna airport. How cool is it that Vienna airport has its own vegan cafe?!

Cafes and Ice Cream

If you’re in the mood for ice cream after eating in one of the many vegan restaurants in Vienna there’s only one place to go: Veganista.


Veganista ice cream
Even in winter you can get ice cream at Veganista

Veganista is an all-vegan Austrian ice cream company with multiple locations in Vienna. You can get many different vegan ice cream flavours and even ice cream cookies. They only use natural ingredients for their ice cream, no artificial flavours or colours. And you can even try Veganista ice cream when you’re not in Vienna, it is sold all over Austria in Spar supermarkets.

Vegan Supermarket

There are not just many all-vegan restaurants in Vienna, there’s even an all-vegan supermarket with a small bistro attached.

Maran Vegan

Maran Vegan is Vienna’s first all-vegan supermarket and it’s really a supermarket and not one of those tiny vegan shops you might know from other cities. It stocks everything from fresh produce to special vegan products you won’t find anywhere else. So it’s the perfect place if you’re looking for new vegan products to try without having to read all ingredients since everything is vegan.

The small deli attached to the supermarket sells savoury and sweet snacks. You can sit in or take it to go. I recommend trying their pastries, they’re super fluffy and delicious.

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