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Best Day Trip from Porto

There are quite a few really nice day trips from Porto you can do by public transportation. Most take a little over an hour to get there and are a great way to spend a day if you’re in Porto for 3 days. What the best day trip from Porto is for you depends of course on what you’re in the mood for. I’ve listed the perfect trips for different mindsets in this article. 

The trips I’ve listed are all great when you want to experience the vibe of a different town close to Porto. If you’re just in the mood for a beach day, check out my list of the best beaches near Porto.

Visit Portugal’s Venice – Aveiro

Day trip to Aveiro
Aveiro – a chill day trip

Do you want to take in the atmosphere of a new place and spend the afternoon at the beach? Then Aveiro and the neighbouring coastal town of Costa Nova is the best day trip from Porto for you. Aveiro is located near the coast south of Porto and because of its many canals, it’s considered to be Venice of Portugal.

Coimbra – for the history geeks

Immerse yourself in Portugal’s history in Coimbra

You want to see and learn a lot about Portuguese history and you don’t mind a little longer journey? Then a day trip to Coimbra is the best for you. In Coimbra, you can find among other things the UNESCO World Heritage University and the burial place of Portugal’s first king.

Braga – for the church and flower lovers

Go to a pilgrimage site in Braga

If you’re into visiting a lot of churches and you love flower arrangements then Braga might be the city for you. The highlight here is definitely the UNESCO World Heritage hilltop sanctuary Bom Jesus do Monte.

Guimarães – my favourite day trip

Visit Portugal’s birth place – Guimarães

My personal favourite got a lot of everything (except a beach): small cute streets, a viewing point just outside the city, churches, a castle, a palace and a UNESCO World Heritage historic town centre. Read more about my day trip to Guimarães.

Best day trip from Porto

You’re still not sure which is the best day trip from Porto? Read my Blog articles on each day trip to find out more about it.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite day trip from Porto is!

Best Day trip from Porto
Find the right day trip for you

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