Barcelona beach walk, View of the hike from Sitges to Vilanova

Stunning Coastal Barcelona Beach Walk from Sitges to Vilanova

The scenic coastal Barcelona beach walk from Sitges to Vilanova i la Geltrú is a great day trip from Barcelona if you’re looking for a beach walk with stunning views. 

There’s a train station at the beginning and end of the journey, with frequent connections to Barcelona.

One important thing to know is you cannot find the path on Google maps and there are hardly any signs. It’s still quite easy to find though if you know what to look for. In this article, I’ll tell you everything about it.

Getting there

The trains from Barcelona to Sitges and the trains from Vilanova i la Geltrú back to Barcelona are very frequent, at least every 20 minutes. I got on the train at Barcelona Sants station, but you can also catch a train from a different station. You can check the timetable from each train station on the Spanish train company Renfe‘s homepage. It’s enough to buy the ticket on a machine at the train station though. Don’t forget to only get a one-way ticket, since you’ll go back from a different train station.

So hop on the train and you’re all set for your Barcelona beach walk day trip!

Starting Point: Sitges

I was a bit hesitant going to Sitges because I read that it’s quite a party place. That might be true in the evenings. During the daytime, it’s a lovely place to visit. 

Church in Sitges, the starting point of the beach walk near Barcelona
Sitges La iglesia de San Bartolomé y Santa Tecla

Looking at those gorgeous white houses with blue highlights, I almost felt like in Greece. I also really liked that so many signs are made of colourful tiles. There are also loads of those small, cute streets, typical for south European cities.

But if you really want that Greece feeling in Spain you should go from Barcelona to Cadaqués in Costa Brava.

Finding the Barcelona beach walk from Sitges to Vilanova 

Setting off in Sitges, just keep walking south on the promenade (or the beach) until you get to Hotel Sunway Playa Golf & Spa with the restaurant Vento, just before the big golf course. Here you have to walk down to the beach and continue for a while there. The hardest part is already done on your Barcelona beach walk. From now, there might be some different paths, but they should all lead together again. One path usually leads up a hill and the other path leads around it. The important part is to always stay on the ocean side of the train tracks. Speaking of train tracks, in some parts you walk really close to them, so be careful. 

Finishing Point: Vilanova 

By the time we arrived in Vilanova, the sun had just set and we were really tired from the walk, so we didn’t actually walk much into town. The bit we did see looked like a small industrial harbour town. The train station, where you can catch the train back to Sitges or Barcelona, is located not too far from where you arrive in town.

Beach in Vilanova, the end point of the beach walk near Barcelona
Beach in Vilanova

Helpful Tips 

The coastal walk from Sitges to Vilanova is roughly 7km, depending on where exactly you set off and finish. We walked at a slow pace with a few breaks to have a drink and loads of breaks to take photos and it took us almost 3 hours. So, plan enough time and bring enough water, since there’s no chance to buy any on the way. Set off early enough, especially if you want to go for a swim on the way, which I definitely recommend in summer. We did the walk in mid-October and it was too cold for me to swim, but we still saw a lot of people swimming in the ocean. 

It’s an easy walk, but the path consists mainly of pebbles and stones, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing flip-flops. 

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  1. What a beautiful walk this is.I like that it’s only 7km so that’s doable. I’ve been to Stiges but on a motorcycle.
    I enjoyed watching your video too. I’ll try convincing my husband to do something similar when next we travel!
    Thanks for sharing!

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